A Discussion on the Issue of the Abuse of Prescription Medications by Teens

A Discussion on the Issue of the Abuse of Prescription Medications by Teens

“I can do anything I want. And so can you.” – Frank from Donnie Darko Why is it a growing trend for young adults to get prescription
medication and that not be enough so they go and buy illegally from someone
and its not for medical purposes? This is early addiction in its formation,
when younger people begin showing…

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A Discussion on the Effectiveness of Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is defined as special consideration for minorities
and women in employment and education to compensate for the discrimination
and lack of opportunities they experience in the larger society.
Affirmative Action from my perspective seems to be an attempt the
government tried to do that made business, even c…

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The Need to Reach Out and Help the Poor and Homeless in America

Summative Assessment: Unit 4 – Argumentative Assessment Title Goes Here The poor are suffering more than ever right now because they cannot afford a better life while, on the flip side, others abuse their privileges. As president Roosevelt once said, “The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abunda…

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The Growing Moral Decline Noted in the Growing Trend of Narcissism by Keith Campbell and the Narcissism Epidemic by Jean Twenge

In the video “The growing Trend of Narcissism,” and the book The Narcissism Epoidemic, authors Keith Campbell and Jean M. Twenge, it is discussed how current generations are experiencing a growing moral decline. One of the authors, Jean M. Twenge, explains how the current generation has become absorbed in themselves, caring…

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The Societal Impact of the Bathroom Bills in the United States of America

A topic of intense debate in the United States has been over the constitutionality of certain so-called “Bathroom Bills.” The first of such was passed in North Carolina in March, and many similar bills have been making their way through various state legislatures across the country. The bills require that a person use tha…

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A Study of the Effects of Assumption of Equality in Decision Making

It seems counterintuitive that assumptions of equality would hurt people. Yet, in one particular experiment conducted by the University College London, they did. The article “Assumptions of Equality Lead to Poorer Group Decisions” details the findings of this experiment: that subjects who assumed their partners were equally…

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A Comparison of How Men and Women Handle Aggression

Throughout the course of life on earth, humankind has been the most
sophisticated of all the organisms, and what separates us from the rest of
the other organisms is mainly our ability to reason. However, reason
cannot separate us from our natural animalistic behaviors. According to
our biological roots, the role of the m…

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The Internet, Cars and Fast Food Made Our Lives Easier but Not Necessarily Better

Prompt: Do changes that make our lives easier not necessarily make them better? Changes made to make our lives easier do not necessarily improve them. For example, the internet was built to better communication however in many instances it has led to hacking and stalking. Additionally, cars have been produced to increase t…

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The Need to Take Responsibility for Solving the Issues of Drug Addiction, Pollution and Bankruptcy

Rather than the government, people themselves should take more responsibility for solving problems that effect communities or the nation. One issue people should take more responsibility for solving is drug addiction. An additional problem people should feel more obligated to resolve is pollution. Finally, people should al…

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The Importance of the Documentation of Social Catastrophes

Desmond Tutu’s, Nuremberg or National Amnesia: A Third Way uses the quote, “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it,” (Tutu 234) in order to emphasize the importance of documenting social catastrophes so that they never happen again. I agree with this quote and am expanding its meaning to emphasize the importance…

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The Issue of Segregation of People in Ghettos

Dark Ghetto A ghetto is a shantytown occupied by the minority in a city. In a ghetto, the lives of the people there are not the best of lives when compared to the people living in the posh suburbs. Ghettos are the dark side of every urban center and many people who grow up in the ghetto are hardy, can become criminals and…

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Deaths of Mexican Migrants in the Arizona Borderlands as a Humanitarian Crisis of Unprecedented Proportions

The Sonoran Desert is one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. The desert’s harsh environment ranges from arid wastelands, in which water is nearly impossible to find, to jagged mountains that make travel by foot through the desert a perilous journey through extremes that test human endurance. For even the…

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A Personal View of the American Immigration and Ethnic History

What have you learned in this short on-line course about American immigration and ethnic history?  This course has taught me that the American history of mainstream treatment of immigrants and individuals from different ethnic backgrounds is wrought with institutionalized discrimination about which one does not learn in th…

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The Risk and Consequences Women Face during Abortion

Abortion is an issue that has become a topic of general interest and which has gained great controversy among Americans over the years.It has been a fightfor decades where the different points of view of both opponents have been the main cause of the conflict.While organizations in favor of abortion define it as a right of…

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Immigration and Its Effects on Immigrants and the Economy

Bring up immigration this year at a family gathering, or post about<br /> it on Facebook. Then prepare to be roasted; buried in an avalanche of<br /> pseudo-witty statements about walls, Ellis Island nostalgia, accusations of<br /> racism, or appeals from the self-appointed guardians of American workers.<br /> Immigration has been the most inflamm…

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The National Security Agency’s Surveillance Program: The Loss of Freedom in America

Take Sam, an average American teenager. His life is defined by the crazed smartphonethat combines the power of a computer, connectivity, and the use of a cell phone into one convenient device. At home, he has his own laptop with high-speed internet. Meanwhile, his school recently started to issue iPads to all students for e…

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A History of the Willowbrook State School and the Halloren General Hospital

Willowbrook State School According to the article “Willowbrook State School” written by Jharden, Willowbrook State School, was previously called Halloren General Hospital. However, “In October of 1947 the New York State Department of Mental Hygiene took over the buildings renaming it the Willowbrook State School. By 1962 t…

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Causes of Poverty in the United States

Poverty is a huge problem that seems to stay pretty consistent. Currently there are nearly fifty million people living in poverty in the United States. There is a lot of speculation on what causes poverty, but there are a few obvious reasons. These include the crash of the economy, drug use, and an absence of affordable hou…

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The Importance and Benefits of Police Discretion in Society

Discretion is defined as “the freedom to decide what should be done in a particular situation.” Officers of the law think on their feet and make decisions in a moment’s notice based on training and past experiences. Police officers are often referred to as “gatekeepers” of the criminal justice system because they are the fi…

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The Issues of Health, Social Costs, and Public Safety in the Legalization of Marijuana

Intro: The legalization of marijuana has been a very controversial topic in the recent years. Advocates of the legalization of marijuana have been trying extremely hard to gain supporters for legal marijuana use. Marijuana has many health risks that come along with it. In addition to the health risks, the cost of treating…

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The Problem of Bystander Effect Among Crime Witnesses

Bystander Effect        According to Richmond Police Investigators, “as many as 20 people were involved in or stood and watched the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside of a California high school homecoming dance” on the night of October 24, 2009 (Cable News Network 1). This disturbing fact comes from an article on CNN…

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A Discussion on the Socialization Element of Individuals Based on Masculinity and Femininity Concepts

Introduction Gender is a term which refers to the socially constructed attributes, behaviors, roles and activities assigned to men and women by their communities while sex refers to the physiological and biological traits that define men and women. (WHO, 2013) Most importantly is that gender aspects may vary greatly while…

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The Consequences and Effects of Illegal Aliens on the Citizens of the United States

Hypothesis may refer to an accurate guess of what is yet to be
confirmed about a given aspect. For instance the statement “Illegal aliens
take jobs away from American citizens” is hypothetical because it is yet to
be fully confirmed. There is a big debate going round about the issue of
illegal immigrants in the American lan…

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Social Media and Adaptation of International Students in the United States

Social media on adaptation Introduction Social medial may refer to a concept of socialization and interaction that enables people to share, create and articulate information in various forms between different persons or communities across the world. It serves an avenue where people from different walk of lives meet, share…

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Understanding the Logic Behind War and Peace

MY IDEA OF WAR AND PEACE Introduction Peace is a term that may refer to a concept of harmony evidenced by lack of violence, freedom of survival and zero-rated elements of conflicts among people or states while war may refer to a state of fighting between countries as a result of prolonged conflicts hence, socio-economic a…

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