A Discussion on the Efects of Alcoholism in South Africa

A Discussion on the Efects of Alcoholism in South Africa

Every third person you see when you walk on the street has an alcohol problem or is on the verge of having one. Every seventh driver on the road is drunk (Alcohol abuse – South Africa’s shame 1). Do you find it scary? Unbelievable? This is reality if you live in South Africa. As most people know, alcohol is bad for our hea…

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A Discussion on the Biological Factors on Our Gender

According to biology, a boy is a human with an XY chromosome whereas a girl is a human with XX chromosome. According to society, a boy is one who was born with male reproductive system whereas a girl is one who was born with female reproductive system. According to De Beauvoir, both of these definitions apply for sex and…

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An Analysis of the Issues of Russian Immigrants and Their Children in the United States of America

Someone once said that children are like brand new notebooks jam-packed with numerous blank pages that are just waiting to be filled out. The information that is transcribed onto these pages is what makes them who they are, for better or for worse. Now imagine a child who is surrounded by their parents who love the child un…

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Social Classes Relying Heavily on Connections Between Education, Wealth and Social Cultures to Obtain Power

Power, even if to varying extents, is yearned for universally. What
exactly constitutes power? Power can be the development of knowledge within
ourselves and those around us for beneficial gains. It can be equated to
financial stability and security, in which we feel a sense of
accomplishment and safety in the present and f…

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A Personal Narrative About the Male Privilege in Society

The Male Factor What thoughts come to your conscious mind when you think about male
privilege or even men in general? “I will only need to pack a bag or two
for a week-long getaway.” “My over-the-phone conversations will only last
up to a maximum of forty five seconds.” These are just some common answers
that I have r…

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A Discussion on Homosexuality in Afghanistan

Gay Afghanistan Third world countries always have a way of life that are mostly looked at as “extreme.” With many extreme leaders taking control over the third world countries that are prone to disaster, distasteful laws get shoved down the civilian’s throats. Islamic countries are very vulnerable to this, especially co…

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A Comparison of Animals and Humans in Francis Fukuyama’s Human Dignity, Hal Herzog’s Animals Like Us, and Carmen Velayos Castelo’s The Human Frontier

Animals have filled our minds with creative ways to view them as one of our own. Dogs as man’s best friend, talking zoo animals in movies, and people transforming into animals such as the popularly known “werewolf.” The similarities are there, with cats killing for fun, animals having lifelong partners, and other animals be…

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A Discussion on the Racial Ambiguity in the Case of Moses Paul

Racial Ambiguity: Moses Paul and Questionable Race Relations Colonial New England was comprised of a few different ethnic groups. Two of these groups, Native Americans and the colonial settlers from England, had exceptionally interesting relationships with each other that puzzle scholars and historians to this day. Records…

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A Discussion on the Choices Human Beings Have

There’s an estimated 7 billion people on this planet. Doctors, Garbage Men, Pimps, Lawyers, War Lords, Child Abusers, and the like all populate our planet: they all contribute to that statistic. Of these 7 billion people, however, I wonder how many of them are Human. What does it mean to be Human? What are the essential att…

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The Misguided Program and Underlying Issues of DESGUA

While I respect the principle behind DESGUA–creating a grassroots movement to repair what’s broken in Guatemala on the community level–I left the meeting at the Alliance for Global Justice with the feeling that DESGUA is misguided. The culinary aspect seems non responsive to what Guatemala needs most, and doesn’t seem lik…

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A Research on Virtual Child Pornography: The Solution to Actual Child Pornography

The separation of fantasy: An argument in favor of virtual ‘child’ pornography. Child pornography is pornography that features’s the sexual exploitation of children. Federal law prohibits the production, distribution, importation, reception, or possession of child pornography, clearly defined as any picture of sexual imager…

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Women as Objects During the Umayyad and Jahiliyya Periods

During the Umayyad and Jahiliyya periods, the status of women was significantly low. Women were objectified by men a lot of the time and they did not have a say in a lot of the decision making. Women were raped, earned money at a lower rate than men, and abused. All of this may sound familiar because it resembles the societ…

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The Different Ways in Which Negroes Fight Oppression from Other Minority Groups in America

The people needed to find a new scapegoat in society so they choose the Negroes because they thought less of them for many reasons.  One prominent one was their status of wealth, a common reason that has already been discussed; however, it was not this simple.  The Negroes that were oppressed had to fight this oppression in…

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A Discussion on the Problems of Inequality and Achievement Gaps in Society

Jon is a kid from the suburbs who comes from a low-income family. During summer vacations he spends most of his time watching television. He walks around the neighborhood with his friends, without a destination or a purpose, and most of the time they end up doing dangerous things. Since Jon is on school vacations, he did no…

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The Important Role of Manifest Destiny in the Expansion of America As a Young Nation

The Motivations Behind Manifest Destiny As we already know, the concept of Manifest Destiny played an integral role in the expansion of America as a young nation. Manifest Destiny is a concept that was accepted by so many Americans for well over two hundred years. It was first prominent as soon as white settlers came to…

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An Analysis of Today’s World That Drastically Differs From the Way Our Parents Grew Up

When thinking about todays society there is a lot to take in with all of the different races, family cultures, and all of the sources of education. While thinking about all of these options and reading about them in the book, there are four people that do a great job telling us about all of the themes. One of the authors is…

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A Replica of the Ideal Lifestyle in the Game Spent

It is obvious that living in poverty is not easy. Everyone knows this, but few people can truly understand what it means to live in poverty without actually living in such a way. The SPENT game does a good job at replicating this less than ideal lifestyle. When I played the game, I made it through the month. However, if…

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A Discussion of Statuses, Roles and the Sociological Imagination

Statuses, Roles, and The Sociological imagination In society, each and every one of us has our own niche. In sociological terms, we refer to this as statuses and roles. Statuses are “the positions that individuals within the society occupy” (Newman 15). An example of a status is that I am a college student. More specif…

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Understanding the Many Different Facets of Socialization

The term socialization is rather straight forward, but it also has so many different facets to it. It is a process that spells out nearly everything about us. In short, it is a learning process. As members of society, we must all learn to be socialized. This entails becoming accustomed to all of the seemingly endless nu…

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A Discussion on Human Rights and the Legalization of Homosexual Marriages

In Macklemore’s song “Same Love” he states: “America the brave, still fears what we don’t know”. (Haggerty) This song was written to raise awareness and tolerance to all types of people, especially the LGBT community. Like any other fight for human rights, there is always some resistance to change, simply because people fea…

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A Discussion on the Income Inequality in the United States

Income Inequality When people think of income inequality, they think about the fairness that goes into it. There are many different situations that this problem may occur. However, people sometimes have the choice on their income. Many people must choose between free time and income when they consider a career. These two…

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Conducting a Research on People Living in the Robert Taylor Homes

Application Paper Sudhir Venkatesh, being a sociologist, had a choice when he decided how he was going to go about conducting his research on the lives of people living in the Robert Taylor Homes. Whenever a sociologist conducts research, they must first plan out how they are going to go about conducting their research….

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The Many Factors to Examine When Considering What Life Is Life for a Woman

Is Life Harder For a Man Or Woman? There are many factors to examine when considering what life is like for a woman. Overall these factors could be narrowed down to the physical, emotional, and environmental aspects of a woman’s life that contrast from that of a man’s. Many people argue that, in modern American society…

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An Analysis of “Sex, Lies and Conversation” by Deborah Tannen

“Sex, Lies, and Conversation,” by Deborah Tannen, is a very interesting essay that contrasts the conversational differences between men and women and how this leads to conflict in relationships, but I don’t necessarily believe that I fit every assumption she makes about men. That being said however, I think I know why and w…

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Why Muslim Minorities Are Targeted and Resented by the Hindu Majorities

Based on a case study in West Bengal, where Muslim minorities are targeted and resented by the Hindu majorities, Chatterjee suggests that the reform needed is neither within the political realm nor social society. “Rather,” Chatterjee writes, “it works in that overlap between the extensive governmental functions of developm…

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