A Discussion on Sociological Explanations of Changes in the Status of Childhood

A Discussion on Sociological Explanations of Changes in the Status of Childhood

Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of changes in the status of childhood Sociologists see childhood as a social construct. They argue that there are many different definitions of ‘childhood’, since it childhood varies between time periods, places and cultures. In modern western soc…

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A Discussion on Why Divorce Rates Have Risen in the Last 50 Years

Explain why divorce rates have risen in the last 50 years The number of divorces has increased a lot in the past 50 years. In the 1960s there were roughly 30,000 divorces per year, whereas in the early 2000s there were around 120,000. The divorce rate means that, according to Chandler (2006) on average, 40% of all marria…

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A Discussion on the View That Working-Class Children Under-Achieve Because They Are Culturally Deprived

Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the view that working-class children under-achieve because they are culturally deprived Generally, children from middle class families perform better on average than working class children. For example, 77% of children whose parents have higher professional jobs achieve 5…

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An Examination of the Patterns of, and Reasons For Domestic Violence in Society

Examine the patterns of, and reasons for, domestic violence in society Domestic violence is defined by the Women’s Aid Federation (2008) as ‘physical, psychological, sexual or financial violence that takes place within an intimate or family-type relationship and forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. It m…

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An Examination of the Main Trends in Births and Deaths in the United Kingdom Since 1900

Examine the main trends in births and deaths in the United Kingdom since 1900 Since 1900 there has been a decline in the birth rate as well as a decline in the death rate. Birth rate is defined as the number of live births per 1000 of the population per year, and death rate is the number of deaths per 1000 of the populat…

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An Outline and Critical Discussion on the Arguments For and Against the Use of Experiments in Sociology

Outline and critically assess the arguments for and against using experiments in sociology There are three main types of experiment a sociologist may use to carry out their research: laboratory experiment, field experiment and the comparative method. A laboratory experiment is an experiment that takes place in controlled…

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Sociological Views on the Relationship Between Crime and Mass Media

Using material from Item A and elsewhere, assess the sociological views of the relationship between crime and the mass media (21) Since society has moved out of the period of modernity, the media has become increasing central to our culture and it has a huge influence on society today. Since multiple forms of media are r…

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A Discussion on the Effects of Institutionalisation

Discuss the effects of institutionalisation (12) Institutionalisation refers to the behaviour patterns developed by children raised in an institution, for example children raised in orphanages. Children in institutions are separated from their parents and there are very few caregivers so they are not able to form attachm…

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A Study on Suicide Causes and Rates in America

Epidemiology Suicide is the act of ending one’s own life intentionally. It is a result of a thought of not wanting to continue living. It’s a major issue in the U.S because it’s the tenth leading cause of death for all ages, especially in 2014. Federal data has found that suicides in the U.S has greatly increased in the pa…

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Language and Racism in the Book Articulate While Black by H. Samy Alim and Geneva Smitherman

The book Articulate While Black by H. Samy Alim and Geneva Smitherman tackles one of the biggest problems faced today – racism in the United States. Further than that it emphasizes how language applies to this racism problem in the country, specifically focusing on the leader of it himself, Barack Obama. From discussing his…

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An Analysis of Racism in A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America by James Madison

The book A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America by James Madison examines a usually untouched area of American racism in the North, rather than the South, by telling the story of the lynching of two African American males in Marion, Indiana. While trying to give an honest, in-depth history lesson of the lyn…


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A Study on the Effects of Labeling Individuals and Groups of People

White trash, brazilian, stoner, retard, jigaboo, and preppy are labels that society gives people. By labeling individuals or groups of people; do we as a society influence a person’s behavior? I believe this is true. However, not everyone that is labeled turns out to be what they have been pinpointed as. Does labeling a per…

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The Advantages of Having a Large Family

Nowadays, couples are not having as much children as they used to have in the past. Children born into a family with many children sometimes fantasize of being an only child. What they don’t realize is how lonely they would be. In a family with only one or two children, you have to go out and find friends whereas in a large…

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The Presence of Gender Inequality in the Society

Gender inequality is a problem that continues even today. Men have been the dominant gender and the women have been the minority. Fortunately, over a period of time, things have slowly changed. However, this is still a very serious and widespread problem. It all starts in the family and learned through childhood interaction…

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A Discussion on the Children Overboard Incident and the Tampa Affair

Children Overboard Incident & the Tampa Affair In October 2001, a small ship, deemed “Suspected Illegal Entry Vehicle” 4, or SIEV 4, was intercepted by the HMAS Adelaide 100 nautical miles off the north coast of Christmas Island and sunk. Reports included that the ship contained 223 asylum seekers, and was believed to be o…

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An Analysis of the Critiques of Howard Becker’s Social Reaction Theory by Sociologists and Criminologists

Since the late 1800’s, criminologists have persistently studied the reasoning behind crime, forming multiple theories with the anticipation of explaining the rash decisions and actions made by criminals since the original formations of societies. However, when the Social Reaction Theory, more commonly known as the Labeling…

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Transgender People in the United States and the House Bill 2: A Critical View on the Single-Sex Bathrooms

For me, one of the most interesting topics we have covered this semester was gender and how a lot of people do not fit the gender category that they were placed into. According to the CDC’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), about .6% of US adults identify as transgender, which is approximately 1.4 million…

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A Review of the Studies on Illicit Drug Use Prevention and Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Critically Review Research on Illicit Drug Use Prevention Within this literature review the value of research on the prevention of illicit drugs will be assessed. Many of the studies reviewed look at intervention programs and how effective they were in preventing future illicit drug use. There were many strengths and wea…

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A Fund Raising Event to Raise Awareness for the Habitat for Humanity Branch in Knoxville, Tennessee

This plan is for the charity event for Habitat for Humanity branch in Knoxville, TN that will occur in December. The starting date for this project is September 1st because it will take around three months to make sure everything is all set for the charity event, which will occur on December 3rd. It will occur on a Saturday…

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Divorce and Its Effects on the Children

According to Webster, Merriam. “Simple Definition of Divorce.” Divorce means the ending of a marriage by a legal process and a complete separation between two things. I decided to learn more about divorce and it affecting the children, for the simple fact that I honestly do not know a lot about it, so I would like to know…

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The Image of a Perfect Body in Today’s Media and Its Effect on the Youth

Do You Love Who You Are? We all know that many celebrity photos are photo shopped, but they<br /> can still change people’s view on their body image. Body image is a<br /> person’s view of their own body and appearance. Many people are looking to be the “ideal body”, but that is not even<br /> achievable for some people. Do y…

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A History of the Wins of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Regarding the African-American Rights

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) remains at the forefront in advocating for African-American rights. History is not kind to African Americans since they have been subjected to racial segregation and anti-miscegenation laws. This forced them to come up with various strategies to fight fo…

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The Perspectives of Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and Parents of Birth Mothers and Fathers, and the Exploration by the Mass Media

Adoption In Popular Narrative The adoption triangle, pictured above, depicts the relationships between the three primary players in a traditional adoption: birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptee. It is representative of their interrelation and inability to exist without one another. Mass media gives such perspective…

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A Discussion on the LGBT Social Movement

Rise for the one who just like you The LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, community is just like you and me. This social movement helps people of those sexualities helps them with depression, homelessness, and anything else that person needs. People think we are much different from them, but we are not. We live…

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The Benefits and Drawbacks Of “No Kill” Animal Shelters and a Regular Shelter and Its Effects on the Society

Animal Shelters/Rescue organization. How do they enhance animal welfare? Think about the impact for this population of animals. The “no-kill” movement for shelters? Why or why not? Animal Shelters and Rescue organization used to not exist at one point of time. They evolved from pounds that use to pick up homeless anima…

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