A Description of the Classifications Defined in the Scope of Business Continuation Plan

A Description of the Classifications Defined in the Scope of Business Continuation Plan

The classifications have been defined in the Scope of Business Continuation Plan. They have been divided into four categories named Category I to Category IV. They include;Critical Functions (to be restored within hours of a disaster), Essential Functions (to be restored within weeks of a disaster), Necessary Functions, as…

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A Brand Analysis: Cadbury Schweppes

A brand may be defined as the characteristics of a good or service that distinguishes it from products of other competitors. These characteristics can be product names, symbols, labels and logos, product designs or a combination of two or more of these features. Branding helps firms differentiate their products hence aids c…

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An Analysis of Brand a term Intended to Identify and Differentiate the Goods and Services of One Seller or a Group of Sellers

A brand is a “name, design, symbol, sign, term intended to identify and differentiate the goods and services of one seller or group to those of other sellers (American Marketing Association 61). It is the psychological and emotional relationship sellers have with their customers. A strong brand will always…

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A Company Analysis of Big Lots, Inc.

1.0 Introduction Big Lots, Inc. is an American corporation that sells closeout and overstock merchandise in a series of departmental stores. The corporation is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and runs more than 1400 departmental stores in at least 47 states in America. Back in 2011, the firm bought stakes at Liquidation Wo…

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An Outline of the Roles of Various Office Workers in a Typical Company

Desk clerk
He/she verifies identification of the new member and passes the details in the membership form to the Admin officer upon verification passage.
The Admin Officer
Is in charged of processing the issuance of rental membership card based on th3e details received from the desk clerk and keeps record of members. Upon v…

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Bank of America Is the 5th Largest Revenue-Generating Corporation in the US

Bank of America has been involved in banking services since 1884, is the best banking, and finance service delivery due to the experience and improvement in the provision of services to clients. This paper aims at analyzing the various reasons attributed for the success of Bank of America and the benefits when using the ban…

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A Report on the Management of BP

During the late 1980s, the management of BP can be described as having been politics oriented, bureaucratic and operating through a cumbersome matrix structure. Despite the company indulging in conglomerate diversification in 1970s, it failed in the achievement of its organizational objectives and goals. By 1992, the compan…

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A Computation of Avon’s Financial Ratios for the Years 2008 and 2009

Avon products foundation Inc. is a company incorporated in 1955. The mission of the company is to help improve the lives of women by bringing the mission through breast cancer and domestic violence as the main pillars. The foundation manages such programs like scholarship, emergency relief funds and associate matching gifts…

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An Essay on the Assessment Outcomes and Organizational Improvement Plans

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the assessment outcomes and organizational improvement plans. In it, we will look at the goals that enhance authority and accountability within an organization. The paper also illustrates how these aspects are very vital for the growth of any organization. The illustration shows the r…

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A Report on an Article Information Technology Professionals Perceive Organizational Values and Managerial Ethics

Title of the Article
Information Technology Professionals’ Perceived Organizational Values and Managerial Ethics: An Empirical Study
Gregory K. Jin, Ron Drozdenko and Rick Bassett
Source Name and Date
Journal of Business Ethics, volume 71, 2007
Main Issue or Problem that the Authors Are Focusing on in the Article

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A Study of Apple Inc.’s CEO, Tim Cook

Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation which design, develop and sell computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers. The structure of the company is as follows: the Board of Directors who directs the senior management and a chief executive officer (CEO) in ethical and competent operation of day…

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A Look at the Role and Significance of Income Statements in Business Organizations

Income statement
In the majority of contemporary business organizations and financial institutions income statements are generally used to provide a prime report of the respective earnings and this is mainly targeting the company or institution investors. It essential provides a criterion for reporting entities in strategic…

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A Review of Popular Nike Ads Featuring Basketball Greats Lebron and Kobe

Advertisement is an extremely important aspect of all marketing systems. Not only does it contribute towards a country’s economic development by spurring competition among firms but also inform people of the available products in the market, thereby empowering consumers in those markets.   Thesis statement:The competitivene…

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An Analysis of an Ad Featuring the ‘Wrangles Brand

Business people use advertisements with a bid to sell their items. Some of them also use the latter to promote a new brand of products or elucidate on any new developments their existing products have embraced. Penetrating the business world is not an easy task and it calls for a lot of marketing and analysis of the environ…

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A Business Analysis on the Benefits of E-Commerce to the Research in Motion Limited Company

Research in Motion Limited is the company that is behind the manufacturing, designing and marketing of the BlackBerry Smartphone. The company also deals with developing software in the global market. The Company is abbreviated as RIM. RIM has it’s headquarter in Canada in Ontario. Rim is one of the notable communication com…

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The Organizational History and Mission of Google Inc.

In the modern world, the Internet is a splendid place for doing business and for a personal use. In spite of a high level technology development and advances towards the era of computing, which make our life easier, security threats keep on increasing. The personal privacy issues have been a major concern for t…

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An Outline of Four Major Categories of E-Commerce

E-commerce has transformed the manner in which businesses and individuals conduct their business transactions. As a result, most business institutions as well as individuals have gotten used to this form of transacting business. By definition, e-commerce or electronic commerce is the exchanging, selling, and bu…

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The Five Forces Analysis of Regional Airline Industry

Question 1
The five forces analysis of regional airline industry
Consumer’s bargaining power
In this case, the major airlines are presumed to be the consumers for the services of regional airlines. In this respect, there is a strong competition flanked by the regional airlines for consumers due to small number and size of c…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the “Stolen” Idea When Dealing with Colleagues

Some of the main advantages of this style are that everybody gets partial satisfaction or recognition for an objective that is achieved. It ensures that the parties continue consulting through exchange of ideas and knowledge, which is healthy for organizational growth and efficiency. Compromising is also achieved quickly an…

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The Biggest Challenge to Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is a terminology that has existed for many years. The definitions of the term “critical thinking” depends on a number of issues, such as, the context in which the term is applied. From my personal understanding, the term “critical thinking” can be defined as an intellectual process of conceptualizing evalu…

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A Personal Testimony on the Efficacy of the W. P. Carey Program

Generally, I can conclude that I may have achieved enough, but that it is not what it means to me to be satisfied academically and professionally. Having a bachelor’s degree, I am challenged to proceed and achieve more in life as life is an endless path that is successfully followed by only those with great determination. T…

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An Overview of Tri-Cities Community Bank (TCCB)

Balanced scorecard is a system of management and strategic planning extensively used in government, nonprofit organizations, industries and businesses all over the world so as to ally economic activities to the organization’s strategy and vision. In addition, the system improves the external and internal communications as w…

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A Comparison Between the Companies of Ford and Toyota

Toyota and ford are two strong competitors in the automobile industry. Toyota is a major automobile manufacturer in the world with a good performance all over the globe. Its leading market is Africa where it dominates in number vehicles imported and a good local market in Japan. Their financial ratios are as follows:

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A Description of a Cash Flow Statement

Writing reports is an essential function of a managerial accountant. A manager prepares a report to account for the utilization of funds in each cost object that gets carried out in that period. Allocation reports also show how acquired inputs will be put into use.
Cash flow statement.
A financial statement complements the…

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The Need and Importance of Public Accounting for Organizations

In the present world, with the major growth and establishment of private companies, corporate, individual investment or multinational corporations, a high demand for good decision (and advisors on the same) in the corporate or private sector has emerged. This mainly concerns the financial status of the organizations in that…

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