A Customer Relations Management Program for a Sports Store

A Customer Relations Management Program for a Sports Store

After forming the corporation with the classmates and purchasing a local owned sports store, it is necessary for us to develop a plan to increase business. This customer relations management program (CRM) plan is important in addressing certain issues. The priority is to address the customer interests in purchasing caps, ja…

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A Discussion on the Effective Use of Communication to Reduce Organizational Conflict

Effective use of communication to reduce organizational conflict Introduction Definition of conflict James et al., (1995) defined organizational conflict as “the perception of differences of interests among people.” Such differences could emanate from competition over the right to lay claim on resources, perceived or re…

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A Review of the Elements of Customer Relation Management in the Automotive Industry

Introduction Customer relations management (CRM) refers to the whole process of interaction between business, its products, and the consumers with the aim of driving up profits, increasing customer satisfaction, and income for the organization. The global automotive industry has lately experienced several serious challenge…

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The Success of Filene’s Basement in Naperville, a Store Owned by Edward Filene

Filene’s Basement was created by Edward A. Filene and was a new part of his department store that was located in the basement. This section was known to have all the clothes that didn’t sell in the normal upstairs part of the store and would be brought down and then marked down as time when on and it didn’t sell until it…

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An Analysis of the Report Published by Tesla, an Energy Storage Company

Tesla’s has a new idea of how the car engine and how it is powered. Tesla believes that many people will make the conversion from gas powered to electric powered and that it is the future of transportation. They mention this when they say they are “winning converts to electric drive.” (LTS, Tesla, 2) They believe in this…

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Three Proposals Regarding the Solving of Budget Problems

1A)Manager Calvin, In addressing the City Council’s concerns regarding the upcoming budget, I believe it is necessary to convene as soon as possible to convince those in opposition that a separate capital budget is necessary for our city. From my experience, maintaining two separate budgets, a substantial commitment both f…

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The Elements of Effective Leadership in an Organization

1.In heading strategic change within an organization, leaders must consider a number of interrelated factors in creating a vision for the future and motivating others towards achieving that goal. The Diamond Model of Leadership in Organizations serves as a graphical representation of the bonds that must exist between a lead…

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The Negotiation Process and Strategies

Whether in the workplace or a fictitious classroom setting, corporate restructuring is a bold task that requires constructive input from all members to ensure a transition that upholds the integrity and productivity of an organization. In the international-based Eurotechnologies negotiation, which pitted the interests of a…

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The Issues and Solutions of Google Inc in China

Introduction Similar to the way in which the printing press of five centuries past revolutionized the spread of information and literacy throughout early modern Europe, so too has the rise of the Internet within more recent memory led to a similar paradigm shift, albeit on the global level. With the aggregate information…

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The Question of Right Versus Right in Management

Throughout the course of one’s academic, social, and professional development, there arises dilemmas in which a solution is not clear-cut: where opposed principles can not easily be identified, and alternate courses of action that require significant reflection on personal, organizational, and other forces at play must be c…

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A Discussion on the Proposed Innovation for the Entertainment Software Rating Board Concerning the Introduction of a New Content Rating System for Virtual Reality Games

The proposed innovation for the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) concerning the introduction of a new content rating system for virtual reality (VR) games follows from discussions on the academic literature and strategic analysis of the topic as a whole. Taking into account the hazards both physical and psycholog…

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A Discussion on the Ramifications Behind the Success of the Implementation of a Logic Model

Following the implementation of a logic model as the final piece to understanding the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s (ESRB) vision of creating a content review process exclusive for virtual reality (VR) games, concluding discussions will focus on the ramifications behind the success of the innovation, as well as rese…

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An SWOT Analysis of the New System of the Organization

During the implementation of the new technologies to the organization there is need for an organization to make an effective SWOT analysis that will indentify the Strength ,weakness, opportunities and the threat that the new system will bring to an organization. There are several problems that introduction of new technolog…

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The Importance of the System of Corporations

Technology, such as automobile and television, impacted the freedom of average person in the 20th century. According to the cross book, “Mass automobility did not only create new kinds of travel but it also fulfilled the American dream of freedom from urban life” (270). It had given them the opportunity to travel on their o…

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A Case Study of the Growth of JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways Case Study As its mission statement suggests, through the mottos of Safety, Caring, Integrity, Fun, and Passion, JetBlue has become a key player in the air travel industry, providing one of the cheapest and most reliable services to its customers. Though some may be surprised at JetBlue’s rise in this mark…

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A Case Study on the Growth of Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Case Study Initially a low-cost original equipment manufacturer, Samsung has proved its ability to expand as a world leader in innovation, and market itself as a high-quality brand, all while continuing to keep its proficiency in low-cost manufacturing. Though few would have guessed that Samsung would b…

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The High Quality, Healthy Goods at an Affordable Price of the Trader Joe’s Grocery Chain

Case Study: Trader Joe’s Trader Joe’s is a small, yet popular grocery chain in the United States known for its repertoire of addictive, up-scale self-brand food items, and warm, “neighborhood-store” atmosphere. Though it competes in the health-food industry with giants such as Wholefoods, and the grocery retailing market w…

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A Company Analysis: Back to the Roots (BTTR)

Back to the Roots (BTTR) was founded in 2009 by University of California at Berkeley graduates (’09) Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez as a company that supplied planting medium to mushroom farmers created by used coffee grinds; that then altered their business model various times to establish itself as sustainable consumer packa…

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A Business Analysis of the Back to the Roots Company

As Back to the Roots (BTTR) continued to grow, it realized the need for expansion in its product lines if they were going to become a profitable company. BTTR’s business strategy was to launch one or two innovative and impactful products a year. An example of this was the creation of the Aquafarm, a self cleaning fish tank…

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The Challenging of the Style of the Hollywood Blockbuster in The Host

The Host It’s no secret that “the standard map of the pop-culture landscape would doubtless be a series of tentacles emanating from the United States” (Desser 179). While everyone enjoys “Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Michael Jordan, and Nike” (Desser 180), it’s often overlooked that by insisting that American culture pervade the…

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An Analysis of the Financial Discrepancies in Hoosier Company’s Statements

In our analysis of Hoosier Company’s financial statements, there were several unusual results that stood out. First of all, Hoosier Company’s sales increased 26% from 2014 to 2015. This favorable increase in sales may be due to Hoosier Companyobtaining and selling to new customers or due to their existing customers purchasi…

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The History, Analysis and Implementation of Target Costing

ABSTRACT The basic principle underlying most of the costing systems used today entails an assumption about the behavior of costs. They are classified as either fixed (does not change with volume) or variable (does change with volume), however what does not change is the target cost. This paper will discuss the history, and…

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A Suggestion for a New Audio Engineering Curriculum by Dr. David Tough

“Shaping Audio Engineering Curriculum: An Expert Panel’s View of The Future” is an AES convention paper written by Dr. David Tough of Belmont University. The year university level and lists 160 competencies as suggested skills that degree seeking audio students should graduate with in order to be successful in the industry….

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A Discussion on the First Solar and British Petroleum’s Methods of Communication, Response to Market Trends, Establishment of Credibility, and the Promotion of Brand Image

Abstract In the following report we aim to discuss how and why First Solar and British Petroleum develop their methods of communication to respond to their audiences with context and purpose. The report will feature information provided by First Solar and British Petroleum websites, social media pages, as well as third…

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A Report on the Effectiveness of Netflix’s 2015 Annual Message to Shareholders in How it Develops Purpose Based on the Audience and Context of the Message

The following report aims to analyze the effectiveness of Netflix’s 2015 Annual Message to Shareholders in how it develops purpose based on the audience and context of the message. Netflix displays an autonomous confidence in their message to shareholders allowing for the effective transmission of Netflix’s forth running ag…

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