A Comparison of the Social Control Theory and the Self-Control Theory

A Comparison of the Social Control Theory and the Self-Control Theory

Social Control Theory vs. Self-Control Theory In recent years, numerous theorists have attempted to explain why people commit crimes, how to prevent this and how to decrease the recidivism rates. Everyone wants to live in a safe environment but many are not fortunate enough to have this privilege. A lot of people are for…

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The Idea of Normalcy in Society

The actions and thoughts we take every day are directly taken because we live in a world where it seems achieving normal status is a necessity. When and if someone isn’t normal, the consequences and public ridicule they will receive are extremely overrated and absurd. There’s different types of normals, but sometimes people…

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The Ways in Which We Constantly Judge People Through the Story of the Murder of Mark Shepard

Wypijewski showed us, through the story of a gruesome murder of a gay man, the ways in which gays are judged. I specifically mentioned the murder of a gay man because the entire story centers around the ignorance of Matthew Shepard’s killers. On line that is striking, but very true is, “the crime is somehow less awful once…

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The Disparity of Gender Roles in Society Today

The difference between gender is one of the most controversial topics in the media today. It’s so controversial because in the past, we have assigned certain roles and duties to each gender. However, there has been a recent uproar in the past century. People are fighting to forget about the differences in gender that don’t…

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Capital Punishment Should Be Reinstated in New York City

In New York State, capital punishment has been instituted and abolished several times. As of right now, the death penalty is not permitted in New York State. We live in a new world and while one might think that the death penalty is an overused topic of discussion, there are new threats to society that weren’t thought of in…

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The Societal Perceptions of Gender According to Judith Lorber

The social construction of gender is evident in every aspect of life. Men, women and everyone in between are portrayed certain ways that are somewhat affected by the bounds of society. In the early 1900’s, it was deemed unacceptable by society to be openly gay. However, the goals of gender changed so people got societal vie…

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Categorization by Ability and Skill to Improve Society

A world order where citizens are categorized by ability and skill would be the most conducive to restarting society on Earth. Superficial categories such as race or religion do not separate populations into better classes. Categorizations derived from these means do not further organize or improve society. Population div…

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My Fascination and Passion in Reading Current Events

An object that can often be found within my grasp is a newspaper. I have always been inclined to reading, but news stories always appealed more to me as opposed to other mediums of writing. In years past, I have been known to carry a paper around and flip through the pages during my work break or during study halls. The…

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An Argument Against the Argument and Comparison of Ernest van den Haag That the Death of Innocents by Capital Punishment with All Accidental Deaths

Ernest van den Haag argues the death of innocents by capital punishment is comparable to all accidental deaths that occur in every aspect of American society. This claim is meaningless because it is impossible to compare capital punishment’s death of innocents to other accidental deaths. Ernest van den Haag expresses his…

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A Study of the Relationship of Failed Marriages and Social Media Done by Boston University and Pontificia Universidad Catolica De Chile

Introduction A new study done by researchers from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Boston University shows there may be a relationship between social media use and failed marriages (Rosenfeld). The issue of whether or not social media affects marriages would be an interesting topic for sociologists. They would…

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A Case Study of Gender and Sexuality Issues at School

Identification This case study talks about a little girl in elementary school who has two moms. Most of the students do not appear to know much about this situation and when the little girl, Denise, shares that she has two moms the students respond that it is “weird.” The teacher was dissatisfied with their response and fe…

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The Status of Roma Immigrants in France

The Roma immigrants originate mostly from Romania and Bulgaria and have immigrated to Western European countries like France to escape poverty and discrimination from their home countries. However upon their arrival to these Western European countries they are not being met with a warm welcome. In these countries, such as F…

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The Importance and Different Methods of Parenting

Parenting is process of upbringing of a kid from formative years to adulthood. According to (Faircloth 25), this process entails support by caretaker in all the corners of life such as physical growth, emotional, financial, intellectual development and social perspectives of life. In most cases, the caretaker in parenting o…

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The Life of Mahatma Gandhi and His Influence as a Leader

Introduction During the course of the history, the world has had its share of leaders. Some of them had their leadership approaches transform their country for ever while others. The vision of George Washington lead to the formation of the modern America. Other leaders such as seasoned entrepreneurs such as J.P. Morgan, Jo…

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Understanding the Four Main Areas of Focus of the Microsoft Pro-LGBTI Policies

The past few few years have seen the United States and some countries
in the European Union adopt laws that recognize the rights of lesbians,
gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) people (Blazovich, 2013).
However, despite the concerted efforts by the governments, this group of
minorities continues to face violen…

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The Pros and Cons of Inter-Agency Collaboration

A proper functioning social service system is arguably important in enhancing social and economic wellbeing of a society. Accordingly, most developed nations have set up social service systems where the government and non-governmental agencies provide a variety of services to the society. Introduction of more horizontal mod…

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The Plight of Segregation in the United States

Prior to Brown’s case, racial segregation dominated race relations in the United States. Plessy V. Ferguson case that the United States Supreme Court endorsed in 11896 facilitated segregation. The policy stated that as long as there was replication of similar facilities in segregated schools; then segregation did not violat…

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A Critique of the Ineffectiveness of the Anti-Drug Campaign Ads by the Office of National Drug Control Policy

Since being established 1998, the Office of National Drug Control Policy has spent almost a billion dollars in running the National Youth Anti-Drug Media campaign. The campaign goal is to discourage teenagers from using drugs by using adverts like “Above Influence” and “My Anti-Drug.” Various research conducted on the progr…

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A Discussion on the Different Ways a Person Can Be Gifted

While working in a school in California, I had the chance to interact
with students under the gifted programs who led me to concur with James H.
Borland view that giftedness is not all about scoring high in IQ test. One
may regard giftedness as a dynamic concept that changes with changes in a
society needs. The notion that…

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Social Welfare and Families’ Well being in the United States

Sarah (2009) proposes several policy changes that the United States
could adopt to make sure families gets provisions akin to others in other
countries. Frist, the United States should amend its public policies to
ensure adequate wage replacement. Wage replacement, she notes, provides
income that guarantees workers can make…

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A Discussion on the Impact of Technology on the Role of Television

According to Spigel and Lynn, television is a mass medium used in
telecommunication to enable viewers’ access multiple image and audio
broadcasting channels (1). Since World War II, television has been an
entertainment tool in over ninety percent of the American homes (Spigel 1).
As Li et al. asserts in his article, “Method…

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A Discussion on the Effects of Racial Discrimination and Immigration on Britain Policing

The policing environment in Britain is undergoing a tumultuous change
presenting tremendous challenges to the old police officers (Bayley &
Nixon, 2010). The ancient police officers are accustomed to an older social
setting that supported hierarchical police structure and organization with
a little need for accountability….

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A Discussion on the Setbacks of Forming Partnerships With People Whom We Trust

Brad (2008) highlights some setbacks that sojourn partnerships between
two people who trust each other. He notes that most successful companies
had a partnership foundation. Such successful companies include Hewlett-
Packard and retailers such as Kravis Roberts. The success story behind
these partnerships is the complement…

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A Critical Analysis of Collaboration as a Social Action Strategy

Antony and Archana (2000) defines a social action as the process of
confrontation meant to achieve the needs of a certain clientele group. Most
activists embrace numerous social action strategies when other lenient
methods such as group work and community organization fail to realize the
goals of an individual group. Accor…

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A Personal Understanding of Social Conflict and Social Reaction Theories in the Paula Cooper Case

Paula Cooper To my understanding, both the Social Conflict and Social Reaction Theories do stumble over one another. A theory that suggests that people can decide whether an event is criminal or not. A theory that suggests that people act out from audience. Among the two, it’s the perception of the people when deciding whe…

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