A Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Opening a Sole Proprietorship and Opening a Franchise Upon Deciding to Open a Restaurant

A Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Opening a Sole Proprietorship and Opening a Franchise Upon Deciding to Open a Restaurant

Sole Proprietorship Vs. Franchise When people decide that they want to open up a restaurant or something similar, there are a lot of important decisions that they need to make. One of the most important decisions that need to make is whether they want to open up a franchise restaurant or a sole proprietorship and make the…

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The Marketing Plan of Staples, an American Office Supply Company

Staples Marketing Plan Staples is an American office supply company based in Massachusetts. It was founded 31 years ago by Leo Kahn. Their revenue is roughly $20 billion per year, and their profit is $380 million per year, as of 2015. They employ 80,000 people worldwide. Staples has a 35% market share for office supply s…

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A Deontological Perspective on the Moral Ethics and Decisions of Jack as a Project Manager

Jack’s company is wrong to provide the East African community with solar system considering the non-conformity to moral norms. Deontologist side of view would argue that the situation is often viewed bad or good depending on rightness or wrongness of the action that brought it (Langlois and Claire 35). Even if the consequen…

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The Purpose and Goals of the Business Community Plan in the Security Department of the Hilton Hotel

Executive Summary Across the world, hotels and restaurants have been subject to terrorist attacks on numerous occasions. Nowadays any hotel or restaurant can be the target of a terrorist attack. This may make the personnel of the hotel or restaurant handle a bomb threat, dealing with suspicious items left in or around the…

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The Accounting Field and the Professional Ethics

In the accounting field, especially in audit, the necessity to have professional ethics is essential. Indeed, beyond the audit techniques and methods, the issue of auditor behavior has emerged. It has proved timely to ask how the ethics of the auditor interact with the quality of the audit. The auditor cannot isolate their…

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The Importance of Employee’s Behavior for Planning a Strategic Organizational Change Model

Considering the talk by Sebastian Wernicke, I think that employees’ behavior is an important aspect when planning a strategic organizational change model (2010.) This is as a result of the fact that employees play a major role in the overall success or defoliation of an organization. However, it’s also essential to gauge th…

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The Dangers of Myths Surrounding Great Leadership in On Becoming a Leader, a Book by Warren G. Bennis

Great leaders are made and I don’t think that leaders are born to be great unless the nature around them brings them up for greatness. In other words, I think that they are made great through the conditions of their lives. Reality shapes us into the people that we are going to be and to me a leader is someone who know mor…

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Why is it Needed That Employees Take Morality Clauses in an Employment Contract?

A contractual agreement or provision provides an organization with the utilitarian rights to take punitive actions or terminate an agreement against an employee, whose image or actions are considered as reprehensive or may negatively impact the image of an organization, thus detailing the need to take measures aimed at taki…

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Ashley’s Job as the Operations Manager Dealing With the Complaints of the Staff Members in Safety Traffic Co.

Ashley is the Operations Manager for Safety Traffic Co. Ashley’s responsibilities includes managing the business’s overall performance, safety management, conducting site audits, maintaining compliance and developing client relationships. In addition, Ashley is sometimes required to handle escalated grievances and disputes…

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A Sales Audit to Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Sales Processes in the Organization

This is to enlighten you that our sales audit intends to cover the organization and its sales personnel’s. As the new sales manager, this sales audit will broaden the scope of my understanding on some of the conditions that that this entity is facing including the sales personnel in order to develop a framework on the way…

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A Marketing Strategy for Galaxy Toys Inc. to Address the Depleted Sales

Galaxy Toys Inc. is a corporate organization that deals in the production of toys. The business venture was established on the foundations of creativity and innovative ideologies. The company has enjoyed a market share in the toys industry until recently when its sales depleted, with a notable slight increase in sales by 3…

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A Research on the Cultural Changes Within Worldwide International Telecommunications

The following team paper is based on conducted research of the cultural changes within Worldwide International Telecommunications. Worldwide -Telecommunications is an international business that extends across 46 countries, which employs a total amount of 60,000 people in 70 markets globally, and commands a growing custom…

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An Overview of Wall’s Ice Cream and Our Company Primary Target

Part A – Market Product Focus In term of our chosen company is Wall’s ice cream, so our company primary target would be kids. Since kids love so much sweet and cold taste, so they become our primary target market. Besides that, our primary target market would be those who stay at very hot and warm area because those who sw…

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A Research on the Different Factors Influencing the Commitment of Employees in Their Organizations

INTRODUCTION One of the implicit roles of a human resource manager is promoting the commitment of employees in their organizations. This is done along with their more explicit roles like hiring and dismissing employees based on demand and job performance (Walker, 1994). Promotion of employee commitment to organizations can…

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The Effects of Tardiness on an Individual’s Image and the Reasons Why People Are Late in Late is Not Fashionable

Late is not fashionable is an article which mainly focuses on how tardiness affects one’s image and the common reasons why people are late. It was written by Francis J. Kong for the business section of The Philippine Star. Tardiness, as explained in this write-up is a bad habit that ruins a person’s reliability and credibil…

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How Tardiness Affects a Person and Their Workplace in How to Deal with Tardiness, an Article by Reuben Anlacan Jr.

How to Deal with Tardiness is an article written by Reuben Anlacan Jr. which expresses how tardiness affects a person and their workplace. One of the most common problems in a company would be late and absent employees. Instead of being productive, tardiness causes a much bigger problem in a way that a company puts off work…

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The Need for Improvement on the Field of Social Responsibility and Ethics

Many people would agree that good ethics and social responsibility are simply common sense and that it should be no different in the business world. However, the general consensus is that there is much room for improvement when it comes to how businesses act. When a business or corporation acts in a way that is ethically qu…

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The Characteristics of Mortgage Investment Fraud and a Presentation of a Program That Can Help Curb Its Effects

Abstract The purpose this analysis is to help highlight the characteristics of
mortgage investment fraud and to present a program that can help to curb
the effects of this detrimental type of fraud. The two goals for a
successful fraud prevention program must directly relate to facilitating
the stability of the buying…

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The Importance of Internal Motivation in Achieving Our Goals in Life

It is the captivating force that creates people of legends as well as the force that denounced them as failures. It is motivation. Both internal and external motivation determines whether a person will achieve their goal; however, only the compelling force of internal motivation ignites the burning passion of one’s aspirati…

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The Definition of Ethics in Engineering

Ethics are by no means a new concept. They have grown to become more significant features of the business agenda over time (Jeurissen, 2007). Various definitions of ethics exist, both in business and general terms. The Merriam Webster definition simply refers to ethics as “rules of behaviour based on ideas about what is mor…

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A Research on How to Improve the Sales and Market of Saint Paul Handicrafts

Saint Paul Handicrafts does produce and sell wooden handicrafts (key rings, souvenirs of Mauritius, bookmarks and other decorative items) to hotels and tourist shops locally. It should be noted that the enterprise‘s sales and profits have reduced since two years as there is both local and global competition in the handicra…

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The Three Normative Theories and the Importance of Improving the Interests of Society by a Business or Organization

There are three normative theories: stockholder, stakeholder, and social contract theory. In stockholder theory, management seeks maximum profit for stockholders in a legal and non-fraudulent way, because stockholders fund an organization. A stakeholder is any individual or group that has an interest in an organization (“St…

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Risk Management in a Health Care Facility

Risk Management in a Health Care Facility There are several things in an organization which should be made to have a proper and efficient organization which will have smooth running. Risk management is one of the factors which should be considered in an organization, and therefore it includes the identification, assessment…

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A Review of the Credibility and Design of My Essay About a Business Case Study

Visual Credulity and Design The essay I recently wrote was credible and of great design. It was meant to analyze a business case study. Establishing credibility of essays with an audience is good. One ought to have the right information when analyzing business cases. The case was an about supply chain. One thing that guar…

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The Mission of Launer, British Leather Goods Manufacturer

Introduction Launer is a British leather goods manufacturer established around 1941. Its managing director Gerald Bodmer claims that the company is also the oldest established manufacture in England that has been going for over 70 years (). Although the company is based in London, the manufacturing facility is in the West…

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