A Comparison between Various Marketing Models Employed by Large Companies

A Comparison between Various Marketing Models Employed by Large Companies

Introduction Globalization is making nations more cross-cultural. As such,
possessing a better understanding of global consumer culture and ways in
which it influences consumer behavior provides a competitive advantage in
world marketing operations (Bertsch, 2012). Successful global firms seem to
have realized the po…

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An Overview of Human Resource Management Strategies, Policies and Work Culture at Starbucks

In January 2005, Fortune “Best Companies to Work For” survey listed Starbucks Coffee Company as the second best in the world. For those familiar with the company policies on human resource management and policies, this came as no surprise. This is despite of the general indifferent attitude that retail industry has towards…

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With Dropping Profits HSBC Holdings Needs to Review Its Marketing Strategies

HSBC Holdings is one of the banks that few people are likely to worry about with regard to investing in their shares as well as saving with them given it is the second biggest bank in the world. Even in the time of crisis, the bank has come out in better shape with no state bailout or any kind of structuring programme. Howe…

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Fifteen Guidelines for New Managers during Their First Six Months in the Office

Numerous managers dread the nightmare of heading a new department.
Many fear that the shoes of their predecessors are too big for them to fit.
Others find departments with prior experiences of poor management making
them face unimaginable expectations (Bloomberg, 2015). So many of them have
all the qualifications such as in…

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A Discussion on the Usefulness of Three Different Marketing Techniques in the Business of KFC and Apple

While going global, most companies always emphasizes on striking a balance between economies of scales and responsiveness of the local market. As such, they tend to overlook greater challenges such as large differences arising at the borders and cross-border integration. Accordingly, Ghemawat came up with a strategy meant t…

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An Analysis of the Strengths of HSBC’s Marketing Team

From empirical research, HSBC has a very strong marketing function that has helped the company to identify and source successful banking services and by using shrewd promotion techniques, differentiate them from other players in the banking industry. Within the organization, the marketing team is charged with performing var…

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The Importance of Financial Forecasting for the Management of a Company

Financial forecasting is an imperative too for a management team. This is because it helps how much cash should be generated from operations hence shaping decisions regarding expenditures that need be made. With an accurate forecast, it is possible for a company to maintain adequate cash levels that helps the company meet i…

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An Analysis of the Management Factors That Contribute to the Success of Facebook, a Social Networking Company

Facebook is the most successful social networking firm in the world.
In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow roommates launched the website in
March 2004 with access limited to students within Harvard College. However,
the cofounders realized the strength of their innovation and continued to
expand the access to ot…

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A Discussion on the International Business of an Organization

International business refers to the performance of direct investment
activities and trade across the national borders. Globalization has pushed
businesses to pursue markets across the national borders. The growing
numbers of collaborations and transactions across borders have led to
significant increase in the number of in…

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The Process of Shred Leadership at Strategic Level of a Firm

The purpose of this study was to try to comprehend the process of shred leadership at strategic level of a firm. Such form leadership is called Strategic shared leadership process (SSLP). The researchers put forward two hypothesis. The first hypothesis was, strategic share leadership process helped in improving accountabili…

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The Importance of Ethics in Business

Corporate wrongdoings have shaken the confidence of stakeholders in corporations. Over the past decades, there has been accusation as well as imprisonment of top executives over illegal accounting methods as well as violating corruption acts. Consequently, governments have tightened their compliance rules enforcement nettin…

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A Comparison of the Entrepreneurship Activities Across Different Countries and Cultures

According to Cummings and Li (2013) entrepreneurship is the process
through which an entrepreneur identifies a market opportunity and responds
to it by offering goods and services. Different countries have different
levels of entrepreneurial activities. Moreover, they note how various
factors contribute to inequities in en…

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A Discussion on SEC’s Accusation of the Defendants of Disseminating False Information Through Various Forums to Enron’s Undertakings

The SEC accuses the defendants of disseminating false information
through various official forums appropriate to Enron’s undertakings. First,
as the Enron’s Board chair and chief executive, Kenneth Lay gave the board
misleading information through failure to disclose conflicting information
relating to operations happening…

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An Evaluation of the Working Environments in Various Corporations From the Viewpoint of an Employee Motivation and Group Cohesion

Diverse companies or corporate employ varied kinds of tactics to improve the level of job gratification and inspiration towards the accomplishment of organizational goals. Some go for incentives while other bank on promotion and demotions with an aim of spurring their employee’s morale. However, not all these traditional me…

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Managing Disasters: A Crisis Manager’s Procedure in Case of a Hurricane

Managing disasters effectively relies on well-laid procedures with an
aim of responding, mitigating, or recovering from such disasters.
Accordingly, the United States has put up its own National response
framework that provides a guide on how the nation handles disasters and
emergencies. The National Response Framework stip…

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An Evaluation of the Improvement of the Emirates Airline Due to the Dubai Excellence Program

With the rising influx of global firms in United Arab Emirates,
numerous organizations, especially those owned by the government, have
experienced intense pressure to perform well. Thus, the UAE government has
come up with numerous awards meant to promote competition in governmental
sector with a goal of improving efficienc…

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A Discussion on the Importance of the Diverse Workforce in Globalized Firms

Modern firms have employees marked by numerous people-oriented
variables such as race, gender, age, religion, and socio-economic
background. For most small businesses, managing diversity has become a
twenty-first-century management nightmare. A diverse workforce means more
resources in managing the employees’ conflicts and…

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A Summary of Cornelissen’s, Glenn’s and Sondra’s Works on Management, Corporate Communication and Diversity of Workplace

Cornelissen explicitly writes the book for students interested to know
more about the management and organizational context of communications in
promoting diversity in organizations. Using the books, students can get
more hands-on learning, practical experience as well as skills on how to
appreciate the role of communicatio…

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A Discussion on the Companies’ Choice Not to Hire Smokers

Companies choosing not to hire smokers is a social responsibility. While exercising social responsibility, a company take actions that benefits the society. In this case, while failing to employ people who smoke, companies will discourage people from smoking while making smokers desire to quit smoking. When someone loses a…

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A Comparison of Generation X and Generation Y in Order to Increase Organization Effectivenes

Today’s human resource comprises of a mixture of generation namely baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), generation X (born between 1965 and 1979), and generation Y (born after 1979). Therefore, understanding the similarities and differences in their values is imperative for mangers aiming to increase organization effe…

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A Discussion on the Effects of Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

The last three decades has seen rapid growth in direct-to-consumer
(DTC) advertising. As such, advertising of pharmaceutical drugs has become
an integral strategy in pharmaceutical services and products. However,
numerous health experts have raised questions as to whether DTC advertising
is beneficial or detrimental to the…

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A Discussion on Reaching Career Goals and Successful Job Search

Everyone has their dream career. However, very few people appreciate the need to plan how to land in their dream careers. In a bid to help students align with their future careers, most institutions as well as other third parties have set up career centers. Taking University of California career center for instance, numerou…

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An Evaluation of the Transmission of a Culture at the Micro Level and How an Employee Assimilates Into a Company’s Culture

Every society has its unique culture. According to Alvesson (2012),
corporations use culture as a means of safeguarding their future relevance.
Societies with weaker culture always result in their extinction as dominant
cultures assimilate them. Therefore, most cultures use and pass their
culture to the younger generation t…

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A Discussion on the Importance of Critical Thinking for a Company

Numerous authors will agree with Macklin (2007) disposition that
critical thinking involves analysis, evaluation, and synthesizing of facts,
ideas, opinions, and theories. According to the National Council of
Critical Thinking, Critical thinking requires intellectual discipline to
actively and skillfully conceptualize, appl…

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Requirements, Roles and Analysis of Non-Executive and Independent Directors in Companies

Company law requires companies to have a position of administrators
whose primary role is to oversee the role of the executive on behalf of
shareholders. In the United States, the role of leaders has been on the
rise due to the shift of shareholders as the primary corporate objective.
Besides, the desire for greater informa…

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