A Case Summary of MacMillian and His Work Performance

An Analysis of the Nature of Business

Given the nature of business in which Stickley Furniture operates, the demands of the business and the types of customers they deal with, the most appropriate and well-suited production processing job for Stickley’s Furniture is Batch Processing. As highlighted in the case, Stickley’s Furniture has undergone a transition in…

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A Case Summary of MacMillian and His Work Performance

Case Summary
It is evident that before MacMillan became a father his performance in the workplace was improving significantly. This is illustrated by an increase in output from 110% in the first year and 120% in the second year; leading to an increase in revenues from $750,000 to $1.25 million respectively. This growth was…

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Tryouts by National City Corporation

What do you think are the prime advantages and disadvantages of National City Corporation’s “virtual tryouts”?
It will improve the image of a company especially in the eyes of the young generation.
It’s a more focused recruitment method that allows the company to gauge the specific qualities they are l…

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Finding Solutions to Employee-Management Conflicts

The case that I have chosen to investigate is about the girl who was doing one program twenty years ago. The program offered you to try yourself working in a particular field that you choose. She ended eventually in the corporate office. It was hard but she liked to work there. Everything was going well till one day her sup…

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An Analysis of Small Business

Small business is a rapidly growing sphere of the development nowadays. Therefore, a great variety of strategies and concepts must be considered by the entrepreneurs in order to succeed in their endeavors. Therefore, for the large guild of plumbers to succeed in their enterprise, the models that have already be…

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An Analysis of Acquiring a Firm in the Case of Philip Morris

  1. Background: Begin by writing a short history of the acquiring firm and the target firm. The narrative should concentrate on how the companies have done so far and what strategies they used in accomplishing their goal thus far. Delineate any particular strategy used. (E.g. Growth by acquisition.
    In the case study, th…

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An Analysis of the Wakulima Youth Foundation

I am currently an internal auditor in Wakulima Youth Foundation. This organization is for the people and by the people. It means that it does have a flat structure. This is so because the organization has few management levels. This gives the opportunity for employees to have autonomy. Its flat structure suggests that the m…

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The Question of Whether Company X Should Relocate to Mexico or Stay in the U.S.

The Assumptions and the Priorities of the Case
As far as the present case is concerned, it is evident that there is a conflict of the corporate interests and the social responsibility policy towards the employees of the firm. In other words, the company either survives or relocates to Mexico, or the firm continues to operat…

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The Ethics Behind Martha Stewart and the Insider Trading Scandal

The case of Martha Stewart has been referred to by academic writers to review the moral and ethical issues surrounding the case. In this essay I will analyze the implications of insider trading in the business world, I will also examine the moral foundations of the Martha Stewart case. The issue will be establi…

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An Essay on the Major Issues Faced by Align Technology Inc.

Align Technology Inc. of Santa Clara is known for designing, manufacturing and marketing of Invisalign System, which is proprietary treatment for teeth misalignment, commonly known as malocclusion (Coughlan & Henessey, 2003). Invisalign System aligns both teen and adult teeth by deploying a series of remova…

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A Study of Internet Securities, Inc.

Internet Securities, Inc was established in 1994 as an outgrowth of a student initiative at CarnegieMellonUniversity to locate hard to find financial data on emerging market companies and economies. The company recently relocated to Boston to be closer to the scene of financial information provider. Its target market is peo…

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An Examination of Munroe Kitchens and Human Relations Management

This paper investigates a case study about Munroe Kitchens with the emphasis on the human relations management. Methods of employees selection in particular for designer’s and carpenter’s position, methods for improving staff performance and a way to improve employer-employee relationships with regard to the controversial i…

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A Comparison of General Motors and Ford Motor

In Business 300 Career Research Project, I have chosen General Motors and Ford Motor, because the headquarter of both companies is in Michigan state, which is quite familiar to me, and because of my love for automobiles. General Motors is situated in Detroit and Ford Motor is situated in Dearborn, Michigan. According to the…

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An Essay on Managing a Business: Debbi and Randy

  1. What were Debbi and Randy’s “resumes” when they met? Based on this, what would seem to have been a reasonable future for each?
    When Debbi and Randy met, Debbi was a young and inexperienced girl who had only learned the art of baking cookies from her teenage experiences. She worked for the Oakland A’s baseball club a…

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An Analysis of Crosby Manufacturing Corporation Growth

Crosby Manufacturing Corporation has shown much growth since year 2005. In that year Wilfred Livingston became the president of the corporation. He realized that the corporation needs to be reorganized in order for it so achieve its goals and objectives. At that time the corporation had 700 employees which Livingston reorga…

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An Analysis of Subcontractor

In this case, the subcontractor is seeking to be issued with a replacement check for a contract which it had signed with the main contractor. In this agreement, Jonathan Simpson, as the main contractor, had hired the claimant to complete a job at 1437 West Marple Avenue. This was done as agreed. Later, a check worth US$. 10…

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An Analysis of the Issues of Air Asia

Problem/ Issue Analysis:
This case details the history and unlikely success that the aforementioned airline, Air Asia, endeavored in and experienced after Tony Fernandes acquired the then debt-ridden airline. The economic outlook, ‘Post- September 11 (2001)’, notwithstanding, his belief in the right timing in the airline’s…

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A Study of Ford Motors, Its Owners and the Market

Part 1
Question A
The main characters in this case study are the owners of Ford led by the president, Lee Iacocca. The president is more than determined to regain the market share that Ford enjoyed before the entry of other competitors and therefore he thinks of ways of recapturing their market share. Their market position…

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An Analysis of the Framework

Question 1
In the framework of the management-research question hierarchy following steps can be developed to solve current dilemma (Cooper & Schindler, 2006):
Dilemma: use of publication reader service cards has been gradually declining which questioned efficiency of its advertisements’ to provide necessary information…

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An Analysis of the Type of Leadership Style

Point of View
The type of leadership style adopted by managers often depend on; (1) the specific situation that warrants the decision making, whether the action required is immediate or not, and (2) the potential impact of the decision on the business. Usually, faster decision making requires autocratic style of leadership,…

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A Comparison of Avoiding Risks and Accepting Risks

Q: Detail out the differences between avoiding risk and accepting risk
This essay highlights the main differences between avoiding risks and accepting risks by the management board of a given business firm depending on various factors. Business organizations should be aware of the existence of risks and challenges before th…

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A Short Report on the TATA Company

The TATA Company has achieved economy of scale. The steel industry knows a lot about the market turbulence. Since 1907, Tata Steel Company has overcome numerous challenges as well as its subsidiaries. The last challenge that it faced was its economic downturn which  destroyed a lot of its wealth. The Company immediately too…

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A Review of the Creative Strategy, Advertising Research and Ethical Marketing of Old Spice

“Old Spice” did an advertisement on body spray, deodorant, body wash and anti-perspirant/ deodorant, which is considered as a successful advertisement. The advertisement features Isaiah Mustafa who depicts a man that is self-confident and motivated to be a winner in the chase of life. The advertisement, which runs for 30 se…

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A Research on the Factors of Motivating the Workforce of Southwest Airlines

The main task of this paper is conducting a research on the factors and instruments of motivating the workforce of the Southwest airlines. I will analyze Southwest Airlines motivating strategies by applying Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs and reinforcement theory. Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest…

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An Analysis of the Boeing Company’s Key Developments and Management Strategies

The Boeing Company’s Key Developments and Management Strategies The Boeing Company is headquartered in Chicago since 2001 and has four business segments: Commercial Airplanes, Missile Aircraft and Missile Systems, Space and Communication, and Phantom Works (“Boeing in Brief”, 2012). For the present day, the company employs…

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