A Case Study on Susan Feller’s Decisions Regarding the Founding of Her Business

A Case Study on Susan Feller’s Decisions Regarding the Founding of Her Business

The goal of any entrepreneur is to establish a business that is going to continue to grow and prosper, but every entrepreneur has their limit or end game. This is what Susan Feller must decide prior to deciding how to move forward with her business. In this case study we will examine the decisions that Susan is faced with a…

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A Case Study on Joe Shaughnessy’s Views on What Business Aspects are Important for a Successful Entrepreneur

For an entrepreneur it is important that you live a well balanced life, this means balancing your business with other aspects of your life such as family and friends. For the longest time financial success was the ultimate measurement of success for a business, but modern day entrepreneurs realize that success can no longer…

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Mike O’Brien’s Ethical Dilemma in Weighing the Benefits Against the Ethical Costs of the Sale of Construction Equipment in Africa

It is said that “A salesperson’s ethics and values contribute more to sales success than do techniques or strategies.”(Willingham, 2003). As a salesman your job is simple, sell a given product, and maximize profits. But with this sales people are often confronted with situations where they must question the ethics involved…

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A Case Study on Bloom’s Tries to Ensure the Company Gets What They Paid for Regarding Training Their Salespeople

This case study presents a particularly challenging scenario for Bloom to navigate in order to ensure the company gets what they paid for in the training and that the salespeople are engaged and in turn take something positive away from the training. After the first training session it appears that the salespeople are dread…

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A Case Study on the Sale Manager Doug Understanding the Importance of Generating New Leads and Taking Action to Overcome Sales People’s Failures

In sales and in business customers leads are the lifeblood of any business. It is said that “Most firms lose 10 percent to 25 percent of their customers each year. If a firm has1,000 customers today, lost only 10 percent each year, and did not replace any, it would have only 590 customers in five years” (Sellars, 2005, p. 2…

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An Analysis of Two Articles From Chicago Tribune and the New York Times Regarding the Topic of Minimum Wage

One of the more controversial ongoing issues in the United States is the topic of minimum wage. Recently Chicago passed an ordinance that would make the minimum wage $13 by 2019. Those in favour of such an increase say that it is necessary for many impovished families to survive, whereas those who oppose the increase say th…

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The Importance of the Function of Times Budgeting in Project Management

One of the most important functions in project management if often times budgeting. There are a number of different methods by which a budget can be developed for a project, with the two most common being the top down method and the bottom up method. Each of these methods establishes a budget by asking for the opinion and e…

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A Discussion on the Ways of Generating Ideas for Potential Businesses

One of the best ways to generate ideas for potential businesses is to first examine what your interests are, and then seek out things within those areas of interest that have created problems for you. As an entrepreneur it is your job to then develop a product or service that will help to solve a particular problem. For me…

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The Importance of Protecting Intellectual Property in Business

In order to create a fair, yet competitive business environement it is crucial that governments put in place laws that protect intellectual property. In order for ideas to grow and thrive within an economy, the inventors of such ideas need to have traust and confidence in knowing that they will be sufficiently compensated f…

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The Importance of Conducting a Proper Market Research to the Success of Any Public Relations Plan

Conducting proper market research is critical to the success of any public relations plan. Market research gives the marketer an opportunity to understand their target market so that they can best tailor their public relations plan to meet the goals of the business. There are many different forms of market research that can…

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An Analysis of the Project Life Cycle

When a company takes on a new project it often times comes with a lot of challenges and uncertainty. In order to minimize the number of challenges met during the project it is important visualize and layout the project from beginning to end. This is often done by dividing the project up into four distinctive parts known as…

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A Business Case Analysis of Doe v. XYC Corp.

As your company becomes more and more connected as a result of the ever transforming nature of business, employees will need to be granted an increasing amount of access to the internet and e-mail on a multitude of devices. It is essential that you recognize the potential liabilities that could arise as a result of employee…

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A Discussion on the Methods of Bootstrapping, a Term That Refers to Starting a Business on Limited Budget

Bootstrapping is a term that refers to starting a business on a limited budget, or one’s ability to stretch a limited amount of resources to grow a business, and to conserve capital while generating revenue. Bootstrapping is common for many small start-ups that have been started on a shoestring budget. It is important for a…

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Reviewing the Finances for Eden’s Garden and Making Suggestions on How Eden Can Improve Their Business

After reviewing the financials for Eden’s Garden, and running all of the various ratio analyses on their financials, there are a number of various issues that stand out for the business. In this essay I will analyze the problems that currently face the garden supply business, and make suggestions on how Eden’s can improve t…

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An Examination of the Risks Associated With Investing in Wrightspeed Inc.

As an entrepreneur it is always your goal to continue growing your company no matter the cost, but you also have a responsibility to yourself and your family to responsibly weigh the risks and rewards of personally investing in any venture. The decision to self-financing and it’s level are often influenced by external facto…

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A Portfolio Project Analysis of the Company Akorn Inc.

The company that I have chosen to analyze for my portfolio project is Akorn Inc. (AKRX). Akorn is a generic ophthalmic injectable pharmaceuticals company that is located near Chicago. Akorn had a rather tumultuous path to get where it is today. As recently as 2009 the company was trading at about $2 a share, and the company…

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An Analysis of Three Companies From the Food Industry – Yum Brands, Panera Bread, and Starbucks Coffee

Often times it can be a somewhat complicating task to determine the overall health of a company. In this case study we look at two of simplest yet most important factors in determining a company’s overall financial health, Net income and Net cash. The three companies analyzed in this case are all in the food industry and in…

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The Example of Successful Entrepreneurship in David Wheeler and His Company Info Glide

As an entrepreneur it is critical to the success of your business to contantly be open to and looking for oppurtunites to change or improve your business. Industries are constantly shifting and in order to maximize your chances of success you must be willing to do the same. David Wheeler and his company InfoGlide are a prim…

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A Porter Five Forces Model Analysis of the Competitive Challenges That Ronnie Price is Going to Face in Studying His SEO Consulting Firm

Starting a business requires any would be entrepreneur to face a certain amount risk in order to get their business off the ground. In order to minimize the amount of risk in your start-up it is important to analyze and competitive factors that might impede on the growth of your business. In this analysis we will look at th…

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A Discussion on Purchasing a Pre-Existing Business

Many people dream of someday owning a business. One of the routes that many people take to realize their dream of owning a business is to purchase a pre-existing business. There are many advantages that come with purchasing a pre-existing business including an already existing customer base, brand recognition, established o…

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An Analysis of the Pros and Cons of Various Options in Relation to Entrepreneurs’ Seeking for Investors

One of the most important steps for any entrepreneur is when they finally begin to seek investors for their venture. For my consulting company Enviro I have considered a number of different options for funding my venture including; traditional bank loans, angel investors, and seeking venture capital. In the essay I will exa…

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The Importance of Laying Out a Financial Plan Before Starting an Entrepreneurial Venture

As an entrepreneur is essential that you lay out a financial plan before starting any entrepreneurial venture. There are a number of different components to a financial plan including the income statement, statement of cash flows, balance sheet, and a breakeven analysis. Each of these different components acts as a lead in…

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A Market Analysis of a Company Seeking to Help Home and Business Owners to Remodel In an Environmentally Friendly Way Per LEED Certification Standards

One of my long time passions has always been recycling and the environment. At my current place of employment about 3 years ago I was involved in a project where we planned a remodel of our building to become LEED certified. Working on this project got me heavily interested in the LEED certification process and the potentia…

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My Interest in Starting a Company Manufacturing Hiking Backpacks

The entrepreneurial activity that I have long had an interest in exploring is starting a company that specializes in manufacturing custom hiking equipment, more specifically hiking backpacks. Developing such a company would come with a variety of legal issues that would need to be addressed from both a business standpoint a…

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A Study on How a Business Continuity Plan Will Protect the Most Important Interest of a Business

In today’s world businesses are facing an unprecedented amount of exposure to a variety risks both natural and man-made, that could leave their business susceptible to extreme losses of both property and financial losses. In order to combat such potential for risk, it is critical that businesses have continuity plans in pla…

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