A Case Analysis of an Illinois Police Officer Being Shot

A Case Analysis of an Illinois Police Officer Being Shot

Illinois police officer shot and he is in ‘serious’ condition A police officer has been shot and he is in “serious” condition, as per a news discharge from the Carbondale, Illinois, police office. The police officer was reacting to hints of shots being discharged somewhere around 11:30 pm and 11:45 pm on July 31, 2016, enc…

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An Investigation on the Relation Between Ethnicity and Police Officers’ Attempts to Recognize and Detain Possibly Harmful Individuals

Correll, Joshua, Park, Bernadette, Wittenbrink, Bernd and Judd, Charles M. (2002).  The Police Officer’s Dilemma: Using Ethnicity to Disambiguate Potentially Threatening Individuals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 83, No. 6, pp. 1314–1329. A. Introduction.  The topic of this investigation includes eth…

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The Improvements and Current Issues in the Lives of Black Americans Since the Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream

In my opinion, Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized and appreciated by society to some extent, but black communities continue to be discriminated today. For example, the rights of black people are more appreciated by society today compared to in the 1900’s because of various different “Black Lives Matter’’ movements…

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The Crucial Role of Society in Development According to the Arguments of McClary

Since the world is constantly progressing, it is hard to draw a clear line between that which is taught and what is inherited. Although there are certain characteristics that are naturally obtained, it is often argued that society plays a crucial role in development. Throughout her article, McClary argues that society was…

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The Themes of Ideologies Organize Human Actions and the Nature of Globalization in the Book Globalization by Manfred Steger

According to Manfred Steger, author of Globalization, ideologies function as a compass for achieving one’s goals or expectations, philosophical tendencies, or a set of political agendas and ideas put forth by the dominant class of a society to all its members. Steger’s first theme is broad and states that ideologies organi…

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The Importance of Globalization in the Modern World and Throughout History in Globalization and History: Is Globalization a New Phenomenon? by Manfred Steger

Manfred Steger delineates the expansion and rapid development of social exchanges and interdependent nations in the 21st century. In “Globalization and History: Is Globalization a New Phenomenon?” Steger outlines two themes that reflect the importance of globalization in the modern world and throughout history. The first…

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An Analysis of Jared Diamond’s Response to Yali’s Question in His Book Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Yali’s Question “Why is it that you white people developed so much cargo and brought it to New Guinea, but we black people had little cargo of our own?” This was the question that Yali, a New Guinean politician addressed to Jared Diamond, a well known American scientist. However, before Jared Diamond could answer the…

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How Bullying Affects Society and How the Society Can Prevent It

Bullying has been around forever, and it starts at a very young age. It’s a very real topic and sometimes I don’t think society takes it at seriously as it should. Bullying causes psychological effects in children worldwide at an age where their minds are most vulnerable. It affects children in many different ways and often…

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Definition, Types, and Roles of Socialization

As part of our society today, Socialization has played a very important role. Socialization is defined as a lifelong process where both children and adults can learn from others. We all have interpretations of the differences between right and the wrong. Nobody in our society is perfect and we all make mistakes. We event…

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Gun Control Issues in the United States – Guns Should Have Stronger Restrictions on Them

Gun Control Gun control is a very serious topic in The United States right now, which can be characterized by the laws enacted here, mental illness and how gun control is affected by it, and lastly how the government and the American public feel about guns and where they should and should not be. I strongly believe in…

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An Examination of the Social Problem of Sexism and Gender Inequality in Society

Three theories that are related to social problems are conflict theory, functionalism, and symbolic interactionism. Conflict Theory views society as being in a constant battle over scarce resources. This theory as well as functionalism are both using a macro system approach due to it interacting with multiple parties fighti…

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The Importance of the Use of Animals in Experimental Research and the Controversies Surrounding the Issue

Use of animals in the psychological field has increased over time with various reasons that have been given to support the argument. Although in recent years psychologist have studied animals for several purposes; these includes curing physical and mental illnesses, mental related diseases and disorders can be treated throu…

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An Examination of the Main Categories of Research on Nuclear Terrorism

Nuclear terrorism is not a research area to take lightly. If handled poorly, harm-seeking actors could take advantage of the lack of research presented to the public and cause destruction – preventable destruction, that is. Today, the main categories of research on the subject are as follows: the nuclear terrorist group pro…

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An Examination of the Rankings of People in Society Through the Economic, Social, and Political Lens

In both of the renaissances people had pre-determined place in society, there was no class scaling, really. There were some key differences between the Northern and Italian renaissances, and how people were treated. This essay will look at people’s rankings in society through an economic, social, and political lens.The Ital…

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An Analysis of the Theory of Birth Order in the Family

Birth Order Theory Essay “The theory of birth order is based on your position in your family in relationship to your brother and sisters. It is a theory only – not fact, but it may be helpful in understanding ourselves and some of our personality traits.” My position in the family is that I am the youngest child and the…

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The Rising Problem of Human Trafficking

Ever since the creation of man by God, right from the very beginning, there has always been discrimination amongst each other. Although every human being is created to be completely unique and equal, some of them have always been superior either physically or mentally compared to the others and they chose to abuse the fact…

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The Myth of the Model Minority in White Privilege by Peggy McIntosh and Our Sacrifice, Our Shame by Carlina Duan

The Myth of the Model Minority Race is an issue that is omnipresent, and sometimes society refuses to acknowledge the existence of the advantages and disadvantages that are inherent to certain races. Peggy McIntosh analyzes race from the perspective of a white female in her article “White Privilege”, while Carlina Duan ana…

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The Similarities in the Global View on the Immorality of Killing in the Name of the God and Rape

While it is clear that cultures can have varying views on certain subjects, the fact of that matter is that there are definitely subjects on which the majority of cultures can agree to be morally right. For example, most if not all cultures (religious/community based) believe that killing is wrong and immoral. One might say…

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The History of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)

Woman in the Progressive Era Consumption of alcohol today widely differentiates from consumption during the nineteenth century; the difference revolves around the regulation of alcohol. The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, commonly referred to as the WCTU, was one of the largest reforming organizations of the 18…

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Pursuing the Same Goal Through Different Parenting Styles

There are many different parenting styles. Mothers and fathers tend to have different roles in a child’s life. Parenting styles can be derived from an individual’s personality type. A person’s childhood environment can also influence parenting styles. Different parenting styles can a great source to gain much strength to ca…

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A Report on the Negative Attitudes About Aging and Senior Citizens in Our Society

Old is a relative measure of time, yet it conveys strong, mostly negative impressions. How might these attitudes about old affect one’s attitudes about growing old? About being with older people? How might negative attitudes about aging influence public policy, health careers and social programs for older people? To be hon…

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The Violation of Human Rights in Latin America: Organ Trafficking

With the advent of safe and consistent organ transplant surgery procedures, the worldwide demand for replacement organs has skyrocketed, growing exponentially in the past few years. However, the demand for these organs far outweighs the supply of legally available organ donations, leaving hundreds of thousands of people aro…

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The Issue of Eternal Conflict Between the African Americans and the Whites

It is human nature to want to fit every issue into a dichotomous mode of thought; right-wrong and good-bad are just two examples of how society has managed to take complex concepts such as “rightness” and “goodness” and reduce it to a simple binary. The reason this continually happens is that it is easier to think in binari…

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The Lie of the American Dream: Difficult Lives of Minorities in the United States of America

The Not-So-“American Dream” A fragment of glass falls from the upstairs window. Shards fly through the air as they break on the cold concrete. Jose was awoken from the cracks of the transparent solid. The air around him had the usual musty smell. The streets greeted him with their honks and screeching wheels. He had walked…

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Emile Durkheim’s Functionalist Views on Three Main Patterns in Suicide: Altruistic, Egoistic, and Anomic

Suicide According to Functionalists Suicide is the act of intentionally taking one’s own life, for a vast assortment of reasons. A sociologist may view the causes of suicide in a different perspective than another sociologist. One view is by seeing things in a way that emphasizes how parts of society are assembled to pres…

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