A Business Analysis of Thirsty, a Company in Boca Raton, Florida

Aesthetics as a Marketing Tactic in Building and Developing Brand Identity

The Role of Aesthetics in Developing a Brand Identity Everywhere we look, everywhere we go we are bound to encounter an advertisement of some sort—be it for a business or a brand. Sometimes, such an advertisement will cause us to stop whatever we are doing at that moment, capturing our attention. How does a flyer, brochu…

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Restaurant Employees Should Be Paid Minimum Wages

Tipping: A Method by Which Restaurants Cut Costs Customers pay companies for their services, and in turn, the company pays its employees for their services. This is how it always works, right? Apparently, not in the USA. You probably have seen, but not realized, that only one specific industry does not follow this logica…

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A Study on the Best Way for Delta to Become Dominant in the Airline Industry

Five Forces Analysis The bargaining power of suppliers is undoubtedly high. With Delta’s reliance on oil, the bargaining power of suppliers is diluted by the totality of oil producers on the market. The same can be said for airplane manufacturers, there are few suppliers due to the capital required to enter the market illu…

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The Predatory Lending: Concept and Explanation

Predatory Lending “States used to protect consumers from predatory lenders, but strong state usury laws were obliterated by a 1978 U.S. Supreme Court decision” (“Bernie Sanders Quotes” ). States used to protect their residents from predatory lenders but that was put to a halting stop in 1978. “Predatory lending benefits th…

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The Practices Targeting Employee Ability, Motivation, and Performance for the Development of High Performing Teams

Best Practices for High Performing Teams High-performing teams are teams of significantly focused workers who are committed in meeting the desired objectives and targets in an organized and systematic manner. These teams deliver quality results (Vu, 2018). High-performance work practices are planned approaches to manage th…

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The Principles of the Leadership in the Business Environment

Introduction The term leadership can be defined as the process through which a person influenced a group of people to achieve a common objective. Mutual Corporation and cohesive behavior leads to the achievement of the goal. A successful leader imparts the sense of positivity in other and directs them to achieve the goals…

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A Critical Review of Beyond Massa, a Book by John Campbell

Based on my research, Dr. John F. Campbell have not only majored and taught courses such as Gender, Identity, Diaspora and Caribbean culture to name a few at UWI St Augustine. But has also published in areas of interest which include, Gender Studies, Sexuality and Historiography, in which he is widely known in the Caribbean…

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A Case Analysis of an Efficient Production Style for Play Time Inc

Play Time Toy – Case Analysis When deciding whether to stick with seasonal production or change to a level production plan, Mr. King needs to determine which option will be more profitable for the company, whether a change to level production would increase Return on Assets, Equity, and Sales, and whether month-to-month…

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A Study of Proposed Changes to Improve Customer Experience for ArizonaHop

Executive Summary ArizonaHop is a startup low-fare on-demand airline based in Prescott, Arizona. They are seeking funding via Indiegogo to purchase an aircraft and develop a flight booking mobile application. Their innovative feature is the ability to sell flights not based on a set schedule, but instead arrange flights…

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A Proposed Strategy to Increase Ad Revenues for The New York Times

Executive Summary: The New York Times Paywall Issue at Hand The New York Times, like other newspapers in the country, is facing declining revenues from advertising and subscription sales as consumers increasingly utilize free, online news sources. To increase subscription revenue, the Times has instituted a paywall whi…

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A Proposed Strategy to Generate Revenue for Natureview Farm

Executive Summary: Natureview Farm Issue at Hand Natureview Farm’s venture capital investor is ready to cash out, but in order for them to so do, they require the company to increase revenues by over 50% in a period of less than two years. Until now, Natureview has been sold exclusively through the natural foods retail…

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A Proposal for a New Packaging Method for Alara Agri

Executive Summary: Alara Agri Issue at Hand After the successful introduction of grab packs of fresh cherries in the United Kingdom, Kerim Taner, CEO of cherry producer Alara Agri, recognized how both his company and the retailers it supplies could benefit from the increased margins made possible by this new packaging…

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The Methods Used by M. K. Ataturk to Remain in Power: Communication with His Followers, Treatment of Opposition, Effective Leadership and Foreign Policy

Examine the methods used by Ataturk to remain in power The methods employed by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish republic and its first president, to maintain his position of authority included his communication with his followers, treatment of opposition, effective leadership and his pragmatic foreign p…

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A Project on the Distribution of Colors in the M&M’s Chocolate Candy Bag

In this Q project our UTSA composition professor had us do a raw analysis on the M&M’s color distribution done by a statistician named Mars in the late 1990’s. The reasoning behind it is to see if over the years it changes or stays the same in some type of way or form. In our class we determined that a typical bag of M&M’s…

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An Evaluation of the History and Revisionism in Beyond Massa-Sugar Management in the British Caribbean by Dr. John F. Campbell

Dr. John F. Campbell is the Senior Lecturer in the Department of History, in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at The University of the West Indies (UWI), St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad. Dr. Campbell earned his BA and MPhil degrees in History at UWI. He also received his second MPhil and his PhD from Cambridge Univers…

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Marketing is for Everyone

MARKETING IS FOR EVERYONE! Most people nowadays, struggle with the concept of marketing, or perhaps are misguided by the idea of it. Advertising is probably the most common knowledge for this field, but marketing is much more than persuading people to sell. It’s more extensive than that. Although it sounds complex, this…

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The Cookie Jar of Online Marketing

THE COOKIE JAR OF ONLINE MARKETING The birth of the World-Wide-Web in the 1990’s initiated so much changes that it drove the business world to the brink of lost and madness. The creation of websites and blogs earned attention from all around the world by connecting different groups of people to a single network. As a resul…

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Is There Money in Blogging?

IS THERE MONEY IN BLOGGING? Yes, and no! Yes, if you play your cards right, and no, if you do not know what you are doing. First and foremost, blogging is not a quick ticket to luxury. In order to make a lucrative blog, it is important to first understand the concept of online advertising. There are two prime reasons to…

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A Study of the Negative and Positive Impact of Labor Unions in Society

Labor Unions In my opinion labor unions have a positive and negative role in the business industry. The labor union is a beneficial way for the employees to get the rights the desreve. Better salary, working conditions, and more, are some of the beneficial ways that members of the union are rewarded if successful. On the o…

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A View on the Unjust Laws Related to the Dakota Access Pipeline

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) has become the prime example of the classic big business vs environment conflict. The legalities of the matter are complicated as this particular pipeline deals with a special case, Native American grounds. The easier to understand phenomenon of this matter is the treatment…

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The Difference Between Positive and Destructive Leadership

Authentic leadership is difficult to define ultimately but has been understood to be the extent to which employees perceive their leaders to take true responsibility or accountability for their actions, and to be non-manipulative to their subordinates. Approaches to definitions have differentiated individual and organizatio…

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A Study of the Conflict of Exposure to Multiple Styles of Leadership

Practical Application Project A challenging leadership issue that is currently occurring within my educational institution is one that occurs within many educational institutions. This issue is the combination of so many leadership styles that sometimes leads to conflict. Many of the instructors in higher education institu…

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A Study of Market Viability of a Phone Application for Pet Lovers

The international market segments the product would target would be the community of France that is bothered by the stray animal problem within the country as well as the animal lovers within the country; this application will serve both of their wants, needs, and problems. The segmentation strategy that’ll be used would be…

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A Business Research on the Bizrate Insights

Business Research Case Study Introduction Who does not love to get products shipped for free? If not free, they would certainly want products shipped at much cheaper rates. People who join shipping clubs, expect one primary benefit, and that is short delivery times at no incremental cost. They also look to receive addi…

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A Business Analysis of Thirsty, a Company in Boca Raton, Florida

In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly seeking opportunities to make their lives easier. Busier schedules have created demand for services that decreases the time and effort customers use in purchasing a product. Therefore, we have decided to offer customers a service that takes care of their most vital need in…

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