A Bad Experience with the 5-Hour Energy Drink

A Bad Experience with the 5-Hour Energy Drink

How is your 2:30 feeling? Says the guy from the 5-hour energy commercial. This product hit the market and made millions. Most people has that 2:30 feeling and this energy shot was intended to give you that extra boost to get you through the rest of your day. This 2-ounce bottle of 5-hour energy contains a blend of B-vitamin…

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The Impact of Different Forms of Media on Society’s Behavior

*When viewing or listening to the radio, television, or internet, has led to a new way of thinking. Each individual form of media has impacted society’s behavior. For instance, when the radio was first introduced it allowed people to connect to the world outside of their home or country through dramatized programs or daily…

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Henry Ford and the Revolution of the Automobile Industry

It was once said “In order to succeed, the desire for success should be greater than the fear of failure”. Henry Ford exemplified this behavior long before this was spoken. Henry Ford was one of the most influential innovators and entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. Henry was a simple farm boy who learned through repeti…

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How People Ended Up Not Liking Ally at Wal-Mart

It was just a normal day at Wal-Mart, since a manager left we needed somebody to fill the spot several people had applied but they had all been turned down because of unknown reasons. There had been talk that they had finally found somebody to take the spot but nobody knew who. Little did we know it was Ally the person we h…

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The Ways that Hard Work Beats the Talent

Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. I did not have the innate talent to succeed like others, but I had the ability to work hard to achieve a goal common among humans: to be on top. At times, I would believe my work ethic lacked due to staying up long nights, studying scripts, analyzing PowerPoints, and st…

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The Puppy Mill Commercial for the Dog Stores

A puppy mill is a commercial breeding facility that mass-produces dogs for sale through pet stores, or directly to a consumer through the internet or classified ads (paws.org). The purpose of puppy mills is to produce the most dogs for the least money; in order to make the most profit. About 90% of the puppies in pet stores…

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Simon Sinek’s Idea on the Golden Circle

By watching the video of Simon Sinek from TED Talks, I agree with his idea on the golden circle. The (Why? How? What?) because this idea is why some organizations and some leaders are able to inspire where others aren’t. As Simon Sinek mentioned in the video, every single person or every single organization on the planet kn…

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A Study on the Issue of Corporate Governance with the FogDog Case

Corporate governance is the problem with the FogDog case. Corporate governance refers to the relationship among the board of directors, top management, and the shareholders, which in turn determine the direction and performance of the corporation. The theory that most applies to this case is Stewardship theory, which propos…

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A Case Study of the Legal Issues in the Case of Andy and Brad

The legal issues that arise in this case before the Appellate court are
discussed along with the facts as follows: 1. Andy and Brad who owned the three related companies came into a
controversy for supposed use of corporate assets by Andy for his own
personal benefit. The duty of loyalty of the officers of the corporati…

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The Importance of Conflict Litigation and Resolution in the Workplace

Conflict litigation and resolution has been a major
concept of discussion that has rose heating arguments in many
conferences worldwide. While this is the case, research shows that
workplaces have been the major breeding grounds for many conflicts.
These could arise due to discrimination, harassment and personality


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An Analysis of the Jordan Brand in the Sneaker Community

When it comes to the sneaker community, the Jordan brand is no comparison to the rest, precisely their retro releases. The Jordan hare 7’s have to be the ultimate retro releases by far. There’s no other sneakers that compares to it. Inspired by Jordan’s commercial appearance with Bugs Bunny, the “Hares” really speak for the…

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An Analysis of the Liable Party in the Case of the Pasela Family Versus Brown Derby Inc

In the case between Pasela family and Brown Derby INC is the plaintiff the responsible for the accident? Or is the defendant the responsible? The Pasela family will be name as the plaintiff and Brown Derby INC will be name the defendant. The fact that the defendant broke multiple laws and act with lack of common sense the…

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An Employee Relations and Negotiation Perspective of the 1998 Waterfront Dispute

Negotiation involves discussions between parties with the aim of reaching an agreement. Effective negotiation focuses on common interests, fosters relationships, considers a variety of alternatives and results in a commitment to action (Moffitt & Bordone 2012). Negotiation is often a better alternative to industrial action…

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The Reasons Why Pursuing Maximum Business Profit and Maintaining Trustworthy Professional Ethics is the Biggest Issue in the Auditing Profession

Auditing profession has always been challenging throughout the history. Among different challenges, I think the conflict of pursuing maximum business profit and maintaining trustworthy professional ethics is the biggest problem facing the auditing profession. There are several reasons that could explain why it is the bigges…

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An Evaluation of the Profitability, Efficiency, and Liquidity of the Major Companies in the Toy Industry

The toy industry holds a substantial market share within the children’s entertainment segment. Major companies in this industry includes Mattel, Hasbro, Leapfrog, Jakks Pacific, and Kid’s brand. Mattel and Hasbro are the dominant companies in this industry in which they accounted for 54% of the sales in the US in 2012. From…

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The Steve Jobs Commercial for the Apple Products During 2005

The Steve Jobs commencement speech was a speech that the then Apple Inc.
CEO gave at Stanford University during the 114th commencement on 12th
June 2005. He gave the address to the students, terming them,
“…graduates from one of the finest universities in the world.” The
address focused mainly on his personal life and s…

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The McCain Foods Limited in the United States of America

McCain Foods Limited has been around for almost 56 years, and has still been able to have continuous success by building business relationships with many different countries. Now, for any business to grow and prosper, the managers of the entity should always be thinking of ways to stay on top. Formulating different scenario…

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The Factors of a Firm’s Ability to Make Profit

Resource based theory is a long-term strategy position based on two
realities. The basic guidance for a firm’s strategy is the internal
resources and capabilities available. Second, the primary source of
profit remains within the resources and capabilities. The infrastructure
for the theory is based on the idea that a firm’…

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Options Regarding Career and How to Choose One

Do you have a career? A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. I have always wanted my career the be a chef. Some people may choose their career to be a teacher, nurse, firefighter, police, doctor, vet, etc. There are so many things you can choose…

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The Consequences of Teens Holding a Part Time Job

Explain positive/negative consequences of teens holding a part time job In today’s society, many teens have part time jobs, which leads to positive and negative consequences. Teens with a part time job use their free time in a very useful method, and will get a positive outcome from the job, whereas, some may get a negat…

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The Marketing Area of Business, the Marketing Tools, and the Importance of Working Together as a Team

This article is focused on the marketing area of business and how it revolves around teamwork, but the tools used for marketing do not and they should. Successful marketing is all about collaboration. Yet working together across teams, departments and agencies, as well as with customers and partners is getting more difficul…

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The Simple Steps to Save the Government of the Virgin Islands

Employment has been a suffering issue for the Virgin Islands for a long time. The recent 8% cut made it rather worst; where many people in the island got laid off of jobs or loss 8% of their pay and had to work less hours. This is why I strongly agree that we can save our island if the government follows these simple steps….

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My Career Objective of Becoming a Human Resource Specialist

The career objective that I have is to become a human resource specialist that focuses on workforce planning and employment. Upon entering the field, I would like to pursue being the specialist that interviews and recruit employees to the organization. The current plan that I have is not affecting my family life, the comp…

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Jesus Ochoa and His Career in Dentirstry

Jesus Ochoa, managing director of Multident, is a Peruvian entrepreneur
and a professional in the dental field. In his 30 years in dentistry,
has dispelled many myths about dentists regarding fear of going to the
dentist. Committed and passionate about dentistry, devoted to his
profession, he is able to smile back at pe…

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Employment Relations in New Zealand

Employment relations, also known as industrial relations, deals with the
theories and practices involved in the management and regulation of
employment relationships at workplace. A traditional approach to
employment relations regards it as the study of rules and laws governing
employment, and the ways in which these regula…

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