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MAT DQ and ALEKS Pie to be worked on.

Playing Games with Probability” Please respond to the following:

  • From the e-Activity, determine the probability of winning your state’s lottery game. 
  •   Provide a rationale (show calculations) to support your determination. Copying and pasting the odds of winning from the website is NOT providing a rationale. Use what you have learned about probability to calculate the probability of winning.

This week’s facilitators are Jesse Benjamin, Frank Mailler, Tanaysia Lemon, and Satima Ware.

MAT Assignment

Attached Files:

Please submit your requested topic and key variable using the link above.  I have also attached the instructions for the assignment.  Once I approve (check gradebook feedback), you will want to begin collecting data.  I am looking for what your variable of interest will be and what you are wanting to investigate.  Consider picking a topic which is relevant at your current place of employment or something which is of interest to you.  If you have an idea, but don’t know if it would work, please submit and I will do my best to help you adapt it to fit.  If you are completely at a loss, I can provide some suggestions. Some variables which have previously been used:  age upon entering correctional facility, time to run a mile, number of customers helped in a day, number of calls taken in a day, number of errors on a page, number of candies in a snack sized bag of skittles, number of tic tacs in a package, etc.  Your variable of interest must be quantitative as you will be calculating the sample mean, sample median, sample standard deviation, confidence interval, and conducting a test with the sample data.  You will need to have at least 30 samples for the project, so that needs to be considered as well.

At this point in the class, you have learned what you need to complete the first part.  Confidence Intervals are covered in Chapter 7 (Week 7) and hypothesis testing is covered in Chapter 8 (Week 8).  The assignment is due Sunday 11:59 PM at the end of Week 10.  The draft is due at the end of week 8.  At bare minimum I need to see your answers to parts 1 through 3 and conclusion for part 4.  At that time I will provide plenty of feedback for corrections.  If you submit your final paper, after having addressed draft feedback, before the start of week 10, I will guarantee I will review it, provide corrections, and allow you to adjust and resubmit.