4 PowerPoint Slides with Detailed Speaker’s Notes Regarding Racial Discrimination and Organizational Communication


I only need 4 PowerPoint slides (no title slide, but technically need a 5th slide with references) WITH detailed speaker’s notes on ALL 4 slides including in-text citations in the speaker’s notes formatted in APA formatting.

Here are the 2 topics I need 4 slides for, so this means 2 slides with speaker’s notes for each of these topics:

  • Internal communications to be completed on the issue of racial discrimination (communication distributed within an organization)
  • External communications to be completed on the issue of racial discrimination (how the organization promotes this communication outside of the organization regarding racial discrimination as well)

Use the template of the PowerPoint I am attaching to this to fill in the 4 slides WITH DETAILED SPEAKER’s NOTES on ALL 4 slides.  I also need a 5th slide containing the references you used.

I need this completed by this Friday, April 21, 2017 by 6:00pm US Central Standard Time.

Thank you!