3 simple religion question


        Review the document’s claims about the “love of God” in Islam and Christianity. Write down substantive ways that the two traditions are in agreement about what “love of God” means. Then, write down substantive ways that they differ from one another.


         Re-read section #2 (starts with “Throughout history… “). This section has spurred a great deal of debate and has been interpreted differently by different groups at various times. Discuss in your group why this section might be so provocative. In the space below, explain what your group thinks is the central tension that emerges in this section. In other words, why is what they’re saying in this section challenging and somewhat controversial?


        Re-read section 3 as a   yvur ,oughts on 2nd  proposals. Jot some of those down in the space below. Then, write down what this document sees as the “common ground” between Christians and Muslims.