Technologies Behind Health Care Systems


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The technologies behind health systems include hardware, software, databases, networks, and telecommunications. For this discussion, select one of these areas and describe how it relates to and impacts health care systems.

Hint: The CMS Web site would be a good place to start your research.

Once you are done, refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to make sure you have met the requirements of this discussion.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts of your peers and respond to two posts. In your response, complete the following:

Select a peer who did research on one of the same technologies that you did. Then answer the following:

What details did your peer identify that you did not?

What did you identify that your peer did not?

What other comments or questions do you have for your peer?

Select another peer who looked at a different technology than you. Then answer the following:

What are your thoughts about the information your peer documented?

What questions and comments do you have in relation to the information noted?