21st Century Education & Fluencies (Discussion Question need in 8 hours)


In what ways has the role of the educator changed in the 21st-century learning environment? Be sure to cite materials from the course or additional outside sources in your response. After finishing this course, what do you now perceive as the biggest challenges you face as you work in 21st-century learning environments? (Course name= Technology & Innovation) (Education Course)

Below is some material we used in class. You may use this in addition to other resources.

Crockett, L. W. (2014, March 07). Changes in Education: The 21st Century Classroom. Retrieved June 23, 2017, from https://globaldigitalcitizen.org/changes-in-education-the-21st-century-classroom

Hawker Brownlon Education. (2013, February 28). Literacy is not enough: 21st century fluencies of the digital age [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8DEeR1sraA