1 Imagine that you are asked to speak to incoming College freshmen about sexual harassment. What information would you give them, and what advice would you offer to anyone who felt he or she was being sexually harassed? 2 In the movie The Laramie Project, we hear the Laramie phrase “live and let live.” What does this mean to you? What examples of sexual coercion and/or harassment on the York College campus (based on hatred or bigotry) have you seen? How could we rectify this? 3 A local sexual scientist, Dr. Langer is creating a child sexual abuse prevention program in your community. If he were to model it after the CAP program, which features would it have? 4 What kinds of attitudes and behaviors are indicators that a man is likely to behave in a sexually coercive way? 5 Describe the profile of a person who is likely to commit sexual abuse against a child. 6 Why is “sexual coercion” a more inclusive term than “sexual abuse” or “sexual harassment?”